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New image is able not only to hide flaws and correct your face shape, but also to change appearance. Hair coloring – not less important stage. If you pick the wrong color, you can visually add to his extra age.

If you are a brunette, then discard the solid dyeing. With light caramel highlights on your hair, you will look younger. Because of this, the hair will look more voluminous, and the facial features will look softer. In addition, you can dye your hair frequently as the roots will be less noticeable.

If you prefer to be a “light head”, pay attention to warm honey and gold hues instead of silver and platinum.

Warm blond – win-win for those who want to look younger. It gives the skin a glow. Facial features become more expressive, and the image is defenseless and delicate.

Forget about simply colouring in the Gothic style.

There are many nuances, which many women do not go. To such colour is very deep chestnut, black, some purple, red and blue shades. Staining in these tones add age to most ladies.

If you want to be 10 years younger, we recommend you to try coloring in pastel tones.

This technique is suitable to ladies at any age. Pastel shades give the appearance of ease, carelessness, and youth – but all of this is inherent in the young age.

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