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Good day!

I do not know how the review will be in demand on the paints there is almost no one writes.

But this particular black box, holography and hot girl showing your platinum blonde, came to me not by accident. My high interest in it and test a backstory. And as always there is a chance that with the “problems” you are not alone, decided to share the experience of using and with you.

Regular coloring of hair came into my life in 14 years. At first it was harmless “lighter”, but gradually came to bleaching.

To be honest, “white” color is already fed up and want a little more natural blonde. But, in my opinion, this is the work of a master. And while correct to the salon to go to can’t maintain what we have.

More than 5 years in helping me dye Garnier “Color Sensation” E0 Decolorant — almost alone among the decent household with powder, is able to bleach my hair.

Suddenly she disappeared from offline stores and left only on multiple sites with the expectation of delivery and overpriced.

Then, despite the belief that the professional dye is difficult to know how to use them, dare to try and escape from the “perhydrol” itself. Why not? Now, many paint their houses independently, and almost fall into a faint when they hear: “Take paint in the nearest household shop”.

But I did not succeed. Six months changed the shades and oxidants, the result is the same — an eerie red roots and brownish length. The consequences of these experiments further photos will appear as red and yellow stripes.

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Finally realizing that it’s not mine, decided to go back to the usual Garnier and prof only be tinted.

Already make an order came across the news about the launch of the brand Schwarzkopf new brand resistant hair colors Luminance , and test. The whole palette was very interested in the shade L12. And the result of lightening seemed that the new product can be a perfect replacement. And I realized: “I got to go!”

Attracted attention:

  • 2-step system icy diamonds. Without the intrigue, it is about 2 platinum masks in the set.
  • Table with a decent result lighten.
  • Blond-activator in the filling, he’s a lightening powder, was more interested in the rest.

What, how and with what to mix it intuitive. Novice available to explain the instructions.

The finished paint is always poured into a bowl and apply using a brush. And never wear makeup on their own. Therefore, I can not evaluate the convenience of a bottle and applicator.

The consistency is interesting: similar to liquid sour cream, but well kept on the hair and does not drip, as it happens. Apply conveniently and quickly.

Well, the smell standard: the eye does not corrode and the nose does not hit.

Day natural lighting

Natural light + flash.

For estetichnost photo I’m sorry, but dirty painting easier.

Here we see well the roots, the same band — the consequences of experiments with a Pro — white ends.

Staining began with the occipital region, causing root and red patches.

In 15-20 minutes the roots well uniformly clarified. Usually I have so minutes through 35. But still withstand a maximum of 45 minutes.

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I hate it when paint stings the skin. But here and had to endure a slight tingle and felt the first 10-15 minutes.

Consumption turned out economical. Smeared half head length and breadth. And only a little less than half.

Flash. Immediately after washed hair.

With a staged photo, of course, the problem: the light is artificial, so any unevenness gives shade. But nothing else worked, then it got dark.

In fact, the result exceeded expectations. This paint brightens even better.

The roots turned almost white. A little yellowing, but the photos, mostly it’s bad fluff stripe or shade.

Further, the mask. A couple of her purple color(although that was obvious, huh?) and upset. I have used anti-yellow and on me they don’t work: always turn out gray, but the roots remain yellow.

But giving her the chance needed. The feeling is not a mask and not a shampoo. It removes frizz and does not foam. What is distributed is difficult.

To sustain said 3 minutes. But I kept fearing from the power of 1.5.

Flash. After the mask. Wet hair.Dry hairThere can be clearly seen in the occipital region, because of the poor light seems more yellow.

And regretted. She was cool: really removes the yellowing, without a hint of grey or purple. Although not without drawbacks: care not at all.

And 1.5 minutes clearly was not enough. The second use is not.

The hair is not deteriorated. Will lie if I say that nothing is draining. But it’s a brightening powder that is not absolutely harmless. I have a little drier to the touch of steel, dead long before staining, the ends(see photo to the hair only seems to be smoother because of dirty). A healthy length stayed alive, soft, does not climb and does not break.

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Daytime natural light. Immediately after the mask.

After 3 weeks, repeat the mask, after the required minutes.

Holding Platina a week, not 3. But on my hair 2-4 wash all washed away, that’s fine.

Shorter length, not because I fell off or deteriorated hair, and I just finally got to the salon????

Window. Day.

Term test: a one-time use.

Price: about 370 rubles.

Rating: 5/5

Happy with this run and the quality of staining. Got even more than he wanted and while I plan to paint it. But next time still smoked.

Place the producers, I would certainly have replaced one mask for caring, and platinum was released in mass market in a separate bottle. Because neglect is not critical, but slightly annoying.

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