Hair mask from yogurt

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Sometimes traditional recipes are effective than the most expensive salon treatment. It’s proven for centuries. For centuries women are using dairy products for home care for themselves and look wonderful.

Milk products are useful not only for stomach, but also has a beneficial effect on hair as godovogo funds. Kefir contains large amounts of minerals, vitamins, organic acids and trace elements. Hair becomes manageable, healthy and shiny. All this contributes to cessation of hair loss and strengthens hair follicles.

Yogurt for dry hair

Thanks to the kefir masks, hair will be easier to comb, will become more shiny and moisturized. The hair roots receive more oxygen due to the fact that yogurt has a positive effect on blood circulation. As a result, the scalp and the tresses becomes nourished, soft and shiny.

Yogurt for oily hair

For oily hair yogurt mask is perfect. It will give a beautiful healthy Shine and extra volume. This fermented milk product protects hair from fast pollution and also controls the sebaceous glands and removes excess Shine.

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