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Long and beautiful hair is a dream of many women. If you gave, then you can fix the situation maybe hair extensions.

Now the beauty industry is committed to the naturalness and hair extensions do not use materials that just give out their “artificiality”. Hair extensions are selected individually, based on the state of your natural hair. Most often used natural or quality artificial hair.

To increase hair not only in two cases – if your hair shorter than five centimeters, or badly damaged. Although it is not an absolute contraindication, just the short hair will be visible attachment strands, and badly damaged hair because of the build up can further lose quality.

With regard to the healthy or moderately damaged hair, the buildup is not harmful. But only if it was carried out by a professional, and you carefully follow his recommendations. When worn it is important to make the correction, since otherwise the withdrawal will be traumatic.

Wearing hair extensions can be up to four months, depending on your natural hair. But the master may invite you to correct and after two months, it should be ready. With proper care and timely correction of one set of hair can be worn up to a year.

With regard to care, then you should avoid overheating and products containing alcohol. Definitely need to use a balm or conditioner and gently comb your hair twice a day to prevent tangling.

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