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Once upon a time I’m part of the combs very much bother. I had different brushes with natural bristles, with different types of brushes for styling, hair dryers with special attachments, and I really believed that it helps make the hair nice and shiny 🙂 Oh Well

Then I bought some Chinese brush nouneym, which for several years placed hair + I have a couple of Tangle Teezers, which rather took for long hair daughter. Well along with your combing, but, in principle, for me personally, the existence of any super brush is absolutely essential.

But when I was offered to try the new brush Cactus (funny name, isn’t it?), that “vaguely” resemble the well-known comb, I immediately wanted to compare brands.

So, I have two combs. One convenient option for both home and travel, and the second is already impressive home edition.

Cactus Barbora Is The Ultimate Detangling Hairbrush Tourmaline Rose Gold

At first glance it seems that this is the famous Tangle Teezer, only Cactus, but try to abstract from this analogy.

Externally, the comb is very beautiful, well made, ergonomic — comfortable to hold in hand. The design is beautiful. The bottom has a detachable stand. The product is packaged in a transparent plastic box which contains all the information about the product.

What we have here are the characteristics? Tourmaline coating, an innovative technology that prevents hair breakage, anti-static components, ergonomic design, a protective coating from ultraviolet radiation, magnetic cover.

The bottom cover is attached thoroughly with a magnet, in that one of the differences from the famous Tang teaser.

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Has three levels of teeth (a tangle or two), making the comb a little harder, but it helps to comb and untangle any hair, even the most subtle and naughty.

The comb is very comfortable in the hand. Also it is easy to clean from the hair.

This format is more of a comb is for combing hair after washing and my daughter they below the waist, the more the test. But the whole process is painless and pleasant. Now I have relatively short hair, so with this brush I can easily wear my hair exactly to the beam or to collect in the tail, but with long hair daughter, I just prefer to cope with the large brush.

Cactus Bleo The Ultimate Detangling Hairbrush Tourmaline Rose Gold

The characteristics of the brush coincides with the above, but it has a long handle and an impressive area of the comb. Here we are talking not just about combing the hair after washing, and about how such brushes are easier to create hairstyles for long hair.

Three different levels perfectly even teeth efficiently and painlessly comb through both wet and dry hair, good detangling them. The brush of medium hardness, I would say a little stiffer than the tangle teaser

The design of the brush Bleo is very beautiful, its comfortable to hold, does not slip even in the case of combing hair by applying hair oil.

On one hand, this brush can easily dry the hair and style with a hair dryer, but the manufacturer is extremely not recommended. Hot air can easily ruin the coating.

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If, however, compare in General terms with the Tangle Teezer then brush Cactus made better. My favorite tangle is why it rattles all the time. The design of both brands are beautiful, but tangle more variety. For me, the cloves of tangle definitely softer, but it’s not always a plus, they easily crawl in different directions fairly quickly. Although in such a brush can be long to use it.

Brush both brands can electrify the hair, although the Cactus is written back.

In General, we with the daughter remained are happy with the new brushes, though for me the main thing to happy she was 🙂

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