Hello again! Moisturizing Avon Luxe lipstick in shades of Nude slip (gentle kiss) and Pink satin (pink brocade)

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Hello, girls ???? ????

Whether you want a luxury lipstick that is not more than 500 rubles?)) Stupid question, because the answer is obvious.

Not long ago I made an order in the Avon catalog where all the products I could purchase at a discount of 30%! Tempting, isn’t it? So I could not resist, so my hands were two, as it later turned out, worthy of the title of Luxe lipstick.

I have already introduced you with one of the representatives of this line in the shade lustering nude, which wasn’t the right fit. But I decided to give these beauties a second chance and did not regret it.

This time I chose a more neutral, in my opinion, shades with a satin finish without any shimmer:

  • Nude slip (gentle kiss)
  • Pink satin (pink brocade)

Color matching is 100%, the shades came exactly like I imagined them to be, and I am thrilled.

the part of themanufacturer information

Packaging: Golden metal case with engraved Luxe was Packed in a cardboard black and gold box — very stylish and presentable.

The case is quite heavy, made very high quality. Be not ashamed to get hold of handbags to the colleagues and to fix my makeup. Closes securely and tightly, so about the safety of your lipstick will not need to worry.

Nude slip (artificial light)Pink satin (artificial light)

Content: the technical characteristics of both lipstick behave identically, the only difference is the Pink satin has a slight nacreous, only visible with enough light. Both lipsticks are creamy, moderately soft, easy glide on lips. Applied translucent, but with visible pigmentation, not plesivec and don’t run over the contour of the lips. Peeling or texture of the lips do not emphasize, and Vice versa, make the lips visually more smooth and nourished. Clear fragrance does not have that many will only be a plus.

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Look at the shades

flash (Nude slip, Pink satin, respectively)of natural light in the evening (Nude slip, Pink satin, respectively)artificial lighting (Nude slip, Pink satin, respectively)artificial lighting (Nude slip, Pink satin, respectively)lips Nudeslip Nude/ natural light in the eveningslip Nude/ natural light eveningNude slip/ artificial light Pink satin/ natural light in the eveningPink satin/ faux light Pink satin/natural light in the eveningPink satin/ the flash (clearly visible shining effect)

As practice shows, often I use the shade Nude slip since it is more versatile for my type of appearance and is suitable to any image, absolutely no requiring. But Pink satin is no less love me, because it turns out very sweet and feminine. For all the time until I tested these lipsticks, my lips never cracked, not weathered and, in General, looked pretty decent despite the cold windy weather. So as extra care and protection lipstick work perfectly.

575 no discounts (I bought for 249р)₽цена10/10оценка2 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens

beautiful packaging
nice texture
beautiful shades
well applied
moisturizes lips
budget cradle me no

My name is Natasha ❤

thanks for stopping by????

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