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Came to ask for advice, more reviews and opinions about the laser comb.

Here for three months as my hair is leaving his head actively and without interruption, apparently, smart hair decided to part with a stupid head.

The picture is quite gloomy: no matter how many times a day I brush her hair, comb full of hair, combing can easily gain more than 100 hairs, and even between brushing, just having hair, I removed a few hairs every wash hair clogs the tub…(( Everything is nothing (this is not the first time, hair loss, before it was easier fixable), if not for the fact that the tests the doctors examination… found causes, measures… indicators on already, and the hair still falls out with the same intensity as before. In fact, without any exaggeration, the hair was less than half… feeling terrible????

Prosherstiv the Internet in search of some new or unfamiliar way of dealing with this problem, stumbled upon information about a laser comb. In fact, it works the laser energy, which accumulate in the hair, stimulates the synthesis of ATP, the process is similar to photosynthesis in plants. Well, of course, a positive effect on the microcirculation should provide this thing, if we are to believe the specifications and to the manufacturer.???? So, everything is clear. But maybe there are among you those who have used this gadget and saw the result? What you need to take if they are worth it? Whether to buy it or continue to look for other solutions? And maybe there are still some wonderful inventions that I haven’t finished reading)

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Thanks to everyone who will find time to answer)

P. S. also thanks for the updated functionality of the administration — to write a post from your smartphone became much easier!????

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