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Hello! A year ago, thanks to your advice, cute girl, I managed to sort myself out, to pick up a wardrobe more modern and find those colors in clothes that fit me anymore. For which I am immensely grateful. It was the turn of the audit, in cosmetics, and with such a huge variety of colors, shades and textures I’m confused. Every day there are laid out magnificent make-up eyes that stare. You are true masters of their craft! And I modestly decided to ask me to pick suitable colors eyeshadow and maybe lipstick, which, in your opinion, for me.

Task: daily and festive version of the eye makeup.

The life of a freelancer, not limited by style of dress and appearance. Ready to experiment, I love colored eyeliner and colored mascara.

Parameters: long hair smooth light brown with an ashy tinge, sometimes bangs. Light skin with a pink undertone, not fully groomed, has traces of the effects of acne, combined, around the eyes unchanged yellow circles and dark bags:(. Green eyes with grey-hazelnut sheen.

Photo for example (no special treatment just on the front camera of the selfie):

Makeup favorite petrol maroon and green shade

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