Henkel introduces a new brand of N. A. E.

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Last month we wrote about the fact that Henkel is launching a new vegan cosmetic brand Nature Box, but this company presents its latest product. On the market in France and Scandinavia, the German manufacturer will launch a new trademark – N. A. E.

According to representatives of Henkel, the launch of the new brand will be the answer to the problems recently faced by the company. In particular, this concerns consumers, dissatisfied with the quality of popular brands are available in major retail chains. The modern buyer is more interested in smaller brands and alternative sales channels, which for example are the shops and organic products, as well as the Internet.

N. A. E. will be launched in France and Scandinavia in January next year, but the range of its products will be presented in the Internet Monoprix in December. Brand, whose name is short for “Naturale Erboristeria Antica”, is not brand new. Rather, it is an offshoot from the brand, acquired by Henkel in 1992, Antica Erboristeria, which is available only in Italy. He will continue to work on their domestic market, but by the end of 2019 he will also be joined by his new sister brand.

New line is betting on growing consumer interest in organic cosmetics with products that are certified by Ecocert, as well as documents confirming their vegan status. While Henkel with the release of the new brand intends to adhere to such development trends, which are already embodied with other brands – Fa, Barnänger, Diadermine, Syoss and Vademecum, which will produce environmental products in 2019.

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A line of N. E. A. will include 26 products, including products for the face and skin care, shower gel, deodorant and micellar water. The brand intends to make accessible the natural beauty using the products, the cost of which varies from 4 to 12 euros. In addition, special attention will be given a detailed listing of the composition of funds.

Thus, the company Henkel, whose income amounted to 20,029 million U.S. dollars in 2017, expects to increase its revenue by 2-4% this year with growth of 2% in the beauty industry.

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