Hermetica – the world’s first brand of molecular spirits


Hermetica – a new fragrance brand that offers a range of formulations that do not contain alcohol, Innoscent and uses a patented molecular technology from Symrise.

The concept of the brand Hermetica to the interest of today’s consumers in a “clean” perfumes. “People want to know whether it is safe or what they applied to his skin, for them and for the environment, so we had to look for new solutions the perfume industry, relying on creativity,” says the founder of the brand. Development of technology Innoscent company Symrise allowed to use the benefits of alcohol-free composition, in which aromatic molecules bind with the water based. This creates an intense and persistent aroma with moisturizing properties for the skin.

“These spirits hydrate, transparent, they are easier to sell in some countries, and, above all, they are more effective than formulas that contain alcohol,” explains Alien Massenet, the founder of the perfumery at Symrise. Technology Innoscent, exclusively for Hermetica, instantly reveals the essence of the fragrance, as stated by its Creator: “it Was proved that in six hours the olfactory force of the spirits Hermetica 56% stronger than perfume containing alcohol. What else is special in composition is the fact that upper, middle and lower notes are released at the same time”.

Brand Hermetica also shares the values of sustainable development. “We can emphasize the fact that the perfume Hermetica contains up to 50% of ingredients are of renewable origin. Molecule notes of Lily of the valley in perfumes Jade888 was created from orange peel, resulting in the production of orange juice. Some of the molecules present in Megaflower, Rosefire and Spiceair also come from renewable sources, extracted from the waste paper industry. This is another way of recycling, giving new life to what was considered waste. The approach is also applicable to the packaging: our bottles are made from renewable and recycled materials,” says Clara Molloy, the founder of the brand.

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Perfume collection Hermetica includes 13 flavors, 12 of which are in the four series – Emerald Stairways, Vertical Ambers, The Door and Dry Waters. At the heart of each perfume have been the basic flavor Source, which is also a standalone product.

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