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Highlighter — the most interesting product of the brand Estrade. I would like to share, but I did not get to photograph him on the face with the required quality. So put that there, otherwise the post will remain in drafts forever. I apologize in advance.

Manufacturer’s information:

Foundation star makeup fresh, glowing skin. We made you a highlighter that will help to achieve this effect of radiation, “Shine inside.” Use it for the correction of relief of the face, creating a sun glare on the exposed areas under the tail of the brow, the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the contour of the upper lip (Cupid’s bow), neckline, etc.
Available in two shades:
304 — pink lights
310 — Golden glow

My impressions.

The packaging is cheap plastic, but the design is nice and the castle is good. Product weight 7 grams. No protective film, puff or puffs to the highlighter is not attached.

Natural lighting from Windows:

In the sun:

Warm electric lighting:

Now Swatch.

Warm electric lighting:

In the sun:

Natural lighting from Windows:

It’s too small, no rough glitter. Highlighter tightly compacted. The texture is powdery, but not quite. Not sure how precisely to describe. Whether silk, or a little cream, moving, but dry. To touch nice.

Highlighter is typed in and transferred any brush and fingers. You can make a slight glow, and can be layered to a very high brightness.
The effect of this highlighter — glow, not a Shine. It is possible to make a clear patch of light (on the nose, for example), and it is possible to feather.

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Perfume similar to the smell of dust in the Soviet era.

It seems that no one gets highlighter on bare skin, but just in case, I will say, it can emphasize pores.
Ie this highlighter requires preparation of the skin at least powder.

My skin of cheeks with a tendency to dryness and highlighter lasts all day. Not floats. At the end of the day I see him there, where dealt.

Best rinse product.

In order to catch the highlighter in the lens, I had to layer it hard. The burden, of course.

In General, the highlighter is lovely and the pleasure of using it exceeds expectations.

Price in Internet store 265 RUB.

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