Highlighter for lips Catrice Lala Berlin Prismatic Paint Blue 03 Prismatic

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Real Christmas toy of spring (or even summer) collection.

Highlighter for lips Catrice Lala Berlin Prismatic Paint Blue 03 Prismatic

I’m not too good obzorschik, because you often forget about some of the interesting things that he should have been.

But sooner or later I find the pictures and realize that the time has come. And this highlighter has waited the most suitable for Dating season this frosty winter.

Holographic design is an interesting move by the manufacturer. The only thing that pleases – it’s solid fingerprint on playing all colors of rainbow plastic.

The highlighter was presented in 3 shades. Think I originally wanted pink and purple, but, of course, was not available. What to do with orange I didn’t know, but with blue, of course, immediately thought of all the possible options. Kidding. Just picked blue because it is beautiful and unusual. After all, it always happens, right?

And I forgot to mention the most important thing: the highlighter-it’s designed primarily for the lips.

Although on a transparent sticker modestly mentioned that the tool itself is quite versatile and can be used on any other areas of the face.

The stick glides easily over the skin. The texture is like oil, but not sticky and not greasy. Highlighter shimmers beautifully, but the photos of this, unfortunately, can’t be seen.

To lips highlighter lays down a neat translucent layer. May be layered to infinity, but the end result still be the same.

No, it is not peeling – it’s just glitter.

And magical effect of the frost on the lips.

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Heat do you, girl?

Looks interesting and, surprisingly, not foreign.

Of course, I had to try this beautiful frosty overflowing, and as usual highlighter.

In this case, I apply the highlighter directly from the stick and then lightly shade the borders of your fingers. It takes a matter of seconds, but what a beauty it turns out!

But the enthusiasm came to an end for one simple reason, which is called resistance. This creamy highlighter lasts on me about 4-5 hours. And I think it’s not enough, especially for a site like cheekbones.

On the lips I wore it a couple of times and one of the good things I can mention that glitter is not felt on the skin and, accordingly, do not dry it. And even highlighter boldly moved a few cups of tea and chocolate.

So the question is: do you like military with good resistance?

Price: about 300-400 rubles

Rating: 4



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