Holographic fireflies – Essence Holo Wow! Dewy Lip Shine 03 Scarab Wings

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When the. began to appear related to lip gloss Holo Wow! I realized that at least one shade of me is vital. Earlier I treated the glitter is cool and worn lipstick, but Prizma Lip Glaze made me change opinion, so with a Holo Wow! I hesitated only color choice. In the line there are more daring options like blue and green, but I stopped in the middle, in my opinion, interesting shade-multihome — 03 Scarab Wings.

All photos in the post — daylight.

Sparkle volume of 2.3 ml is a classic, securely lockable, plastic package compact size (~8.5 cm) with a simple but cute design. On the reverse side of printed product information.

The applicator is compact, convenient. Limiter works well and gives out sufficient to procrasti lips in a single layer, the amount of gloss, and the neck is clean.

Puff beveled shape, comfortable, soft, standard size to paint over the lips comfortably.

At the previous photo you can see how diverse this Shine, and some interesting refraction can be caught and how difficult it is to stop to photograph them, but the main two were green and blue.

Luster is a transparent tinted base blueberry color with a high content of stunningly beautiful multichrome mica and a glossy finish. On the sponge and retained the impression that the sparkle has active color, but it’s not.

One serving of glitter in Unallocated form, managed to catch both the green and blue refraction at the same time. This amount is enough for me to paint over the lips completely.

If evenly distribute the glitter, you can see that the substrate color is not bright, it will slightly tint the lips, not diverting attention from the glow of the mica. On Swatch you notice the refraction of the mica and glossy finish.

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This angle is dominated by green refraction:

And under this blue:

The gloss has a nice sweet fruity smell, reminds me of bubble gum. When applying it feels, then gradually disappears. It has no flavor. The texture is quite thick, but not sticky, very comfortable, holds good outline, not rolled and does not flow into the relief, not peeling stresses, and hides. Mica isn’t felt on the lips, despite the large number. The resistance of the usual 2-3 hours, the Shine is gradually absorbed, leaving lips softer, imprinted on the dishes. I wear it in a single layer, the second enhances the Shine and slightly enhances the color of the background. The manufacturer advises to use the glitter, both independently and as a top, but I like to wear it solo. In artificial light, the lights becomes brighter. Disadvantages I have not found.

In the frontal view, the Shine looks pale lightly tinted berry lips with a wet sheen and green sparks that look very organic. (By the way, the camera in this view sees the Shine a bit more modest than I am in the mirror)

One layer in the frontal view.

But it is necessary to slightly change the angle — the gloss shows the refractive index and the amount of mica in all its glory, all while remaining just as soft and wearable.

One layer in the 3/4 view.

For myself, I see it mainly because:

Well, a little self-indulgence from love to art — two coats of glitter in a side view with the reflector:


This glitter adorned my summer multichrome tints, light blueberry color and moist Shine is what I wore most often, and around it was built a summer mansion. I loved its tenderness, the unobtrusive and versatility, combined with the original color scheme. Summer is coming to an end, but to postpone this gloss in the direction with the onset of autumn I do not plan to. Who would have thought that I like green and blue iridescence on the lips?)

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Price: 235 roubles

Rating: 5+/5

Thank you for your attention!


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