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Hello! Today will tell you about the miracle device- a home irrigator.

All interested are invited to read)

A little background.

How much you confuse for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth? Me PAH-PAH-PAH was lucky with the inheritance and the teeth seriously disturbed only once in a lifetime. But I think it is super important to take care of them as thoroughly as possible. Use good pasta, the time to change the brush regularly, go to the dentist, even if you do not bother to give sufficient time for cleaning etc.

A few years ago, I learned about the fact that there is a useful “beast” as an irrigator. Long read about it reviews, reviews, recommendations. It need doubt for a few moments. First, the price (mine cost about 7000 rubles). Secondly, the place he will occupy in the bathroom (I’m a supporter of minimalism and empty horizontal surfaces:). Thirdly, I wasn’t sure that I would use it regularly and it will become a habit, and the irrigator will not gather dust.

But still I was inclined to think that I need it. The deciding factor was a conversation with the dentist to whom I go for ten years. I asked him what he thinks about the electric toothbrush, does it make sense to spend money on them or a regular brush quite a approx. He said that if you have the budget, can buy an electric, but the teeth will be much betterif after the usual toothbrush you use the irrigator.

A month after this conversation, my husband gave me a Waterpik.

So after six months of usage, all nozzles tested, the opinion of quite a formed.

Irrigator — that for an animal?

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Device for additional home care for the oral cavity.

How does it work?

High pressure clean with water the spaces between the teeth + gum massage takes place. When using additional nozzles can be cleaned and teeth, and tongue.

Who do you want?

Actually everything:) But especially those who have braces or dentures, or something that prevents efficiently clean the teeth just brush. Also, the device has contra-indications, but they are very few as I understand it: periodontitis and child (meaning that children will find it difficult to use this design)


The standard nozzle — 2 PCs (differ in color plastic parts — superadobe for family use!)

Attachment for tongue cleaning — 1 PC. — do not understand it, its easier to just brush the language clean, in my opinion.

Head periodontal gingival pockets — 1 PC. — tried several times, result is still the standard head is more like it.

Orthodontic tip for cleaning braces — 1 EA. — irrelevant

Nozzle-brush — 1 PCs. — water pressure turns weaker and the process is similar to brushing your teeth with a regular brush, I do not see in it sense

Nozzle cleaning implants, crowns, bridges, dentures — 1pc. out

Nozzles conveniently stored in the lid that is located above the water container

User experience: six months

How to use:

  • Select the required attachment (I have standard).
  • Pour water into the container (I use flash, but you can also use mouthwash or interfere with water conditioner). I use the whole container, I just it is enough for the entire procedure.
  • Set the desired power level (I usually get 7-8, but I started with 5-6)
  • Directing a jet perpendicular, going through the bases of the teeth, lingering on the spaces between the teeth. Detail process is described in the instructions to the apparatus.
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About the pros and cons:

— Sooooo clean teeth. It really is a different level of purification. Similar to the feeling after a prophylactic cleaning
— The gums feel better and less bleed
— You can reach the most inaccessible places, where the brush to brush uncomfortable
— Teeth look whiter due to the fact that cleaned the spaces between them. In my opinion the price is still too big for such a simple mechanism
— Nozzle. I all but main seemed useless. Thought useful that which the spade language and the one that immediately with a brush. But the pressure turns weaker and I don’t feel them effect. Even included is a nozzle, backing up the main. It is very convenient, because the device can be used together.
— The presence of wires. This stationary irrigator, and there are portable, are wireless, but they have much less volume of water container.

In his hand is quite a handy 🙂 During the procedure, if necessary, you can click on the blue button is essentially “pause” the water flow.

Cord length is convenient. Due to the fact that he formed a spiral, the device is in storage looks very neatcontainer Volume 600 ml. at a time I use the full amount, but actually it would be enough for 500 ml. I just for some places like to pass twiceHere is in my native place 🙂 it is Quite compact and almost irritatingly)))

And a few more points:

  • I use the oral irrigator once daily in the evening. If you get home late or tired, unable to score and miss, but this is rare.
  • The whole process takes about 5 minutes.
  • Noise, in my opinion, strongly enough. But the sound is muffled, so if someone is sleeping in the next room, it’s not annoying.
  • Originally it was thought that in the process of using all the surfaces in the bathroom will be sprayed, but, Hallelujah, no!) When using the device, lean over the sink and just cover their mouth. Eventually the teeth clean and the sink does not need to wash/wipe!)
  • An irrigator to enjoy together with my husband, he recently was at the examination at the dentist and returned with a happy face 🙂 Said to treat don’t need anything that actually surprised him, because prior to that every inspection has resulted in some unpleasant procedures.
  • The manufacturer recommends changing the brush head every three months. But I blatantly violate this rule, because the standard nozzle is easy to wash with water or some disinfecting solution (a couple of times miramistina washed)
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The results:

No, I do not think the irrigator is a cure for all diseases. But I think this is an excellent prevention of various dental problems, much more clean mouth and fresh breath:) I love and praise to all friends)

If buying again I would look version where less of the nozzles, whereby the price is lower.

Rating: 5 out of 5.Definitely recommend!

How you care for teeth? Whether a thread or some kind of special brush? I tried to use an irrigator?

I — Natasha. Me on “you”)

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