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Good day!

The topic will be interesting and relevant, I think, for many. Personally, I faced the fact that the procedure of hair removal can take place at home. What can you expect from her?

The topic of unwanted hair is extremely important for me since adolescence. Lucky to have hair not only on the head. Methods of dealing with them through life have been tried all sorts, including salon laser hair removal. In my case it was effective, but the problem is not solved (but we must pay tribute — a complete course I, started to do before the summer, and the risk of the sun not like) Planned to continue this season. But! Got my hands on this device and I decided to take a chance.

Home photoepilator SMOOTHSKIN BARE ULTRAFAST IPL HAIR REMOVAL came to me here in such box:

Beautiful design. The case convenient for storage. A fragile thing, to fly and falls not ready.

Included to the device mandatory attribute are protective eyewear:

Not to be confused with the sun, have nothing in common. Light transmission are low. Even in bright daylight seen through it. The manuals several times focuses on the possible harm to eyes when precautions are not followed. I must say, I not only wear glasses, but close my eyes😅 I’m paranoid about this. Told not to look, then look no. Better safe than sorry.

The design of the appliance is very stylish. Black with gold. To look nice to get a gift even nicer.

The kit includes: epilator, adapter, and cord with Euro plug.

The adapter is not disconnected from the appliance. The adapter is quite heavy, this should be considered when using, it need to hold or put on any surface, otherwise it will interfere with flying.

At the junction of the appliance with the adapter wire is thickened, which contributes to its long-term use. I charging do not last long, so this is an important fact.

To charge the epilator is not necessary, it only works from the network. The wire is quite long, convenient to use.

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On the body of the epilator has a hole in it. In use it has cooling system and air exits through the hole. To block it is strictly prohibited.

The shaver has only one button, which is simultaneously the start button and the indicator proper use. During use, the sensor should be pressed firmly against the skin and to touch all edges. In this case, the frame around the button lights up white. In the case of partial conformance, it does not burn.

Directly sensor. Because of it, go flash. It is brittle and cannot be subjected to mechanical stress. The sensor automatically determines the color type and flash output.

On picking it all. There is also a warranty card for 2 years, the passport to the appliance and a detailed manual in several languages.

This appliance is positioning itself as one of the fastest in-home devices. It is capable of producing up to 100 flashes per minute. Photoepilator Bare Smoothskin has an unlimited resource of the cartridge, so you do not need replaceable lamps. The device is manufactured and tested in the UK.

There are a number of restrictions on its use. The first is the original data. He will not suit girls with very fair or light red hair in places hair removal. Also it cannot be used on dark or tanned skin:

You can’t use it on exposed skin during the period of active sun. It is not recommended to use it on damaged or irritated skin and on mucous membranes (deep bikini disappears). Can be used on the face.

Unlike the usual disposable monthly salon treatments for hair removal, home IPL is recommended at least at the first stage performed weekly to obtain brilliant results. Because in order for the hair removal effect of the hair should be during the exposure in a certain phase of growth. And since the hair is in different phases simultaneously, we need this phase to catch.

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It is impossible to remove hair before the procedure with wax, usual appliance or otherwise in any way except razor. At the time of the procedure, the skin surface needs to be strictly smooth, in order not to damage the glass.

The appliance is heated, but only slightly, just gets slightly warm.

There are 2 modes of use: the stamp and the slide. The first involves a one-time flash in the selected area. Ideal for small areas, like underarms. Second approach for large areas. You just hold the button and move over the surface of the appliance, tightly clutching his.

Depending on correct use, will be the result:

Possible side effects are minimal and are described in the instructions. It is basically irritation or burns. In case, you want to stop using. Personally, I have not experienced any downside.

From General to specific. About my personal experience.

The first time I was afraid to use it terribly. Don’t know why. Peculiarities of thinking😅 Decided to start with it, and interval. So at the moment my hands are in the best condition. The principle is simple. As soon as you insert the device in the socket, immediately turned on the vent and he starts to make noise. Wear points. Apply the device to the right place. Illuminated bezel around the button, you push the button and start the device in the desired direction. You can see how the lights flash, feeling warm and tingling. It doesn’t hurt, and it shouldn’t hurt. The skin is not red, not sore, not irritated. If you deviate from skin epilator or hold it incorrectly, it just stops working. It is impossible to hold in one place more than 3 times. The procedure takes no more than 10, 15 minutes maximum if you use all the possible sites. As for me, it’s fast.

The first results I felt only after 3 weeks of use. First, the rate of hair growth has slowed considerably. Holders of a good bristle will understand. Now the bristles does not appear by evening of that day, much later. Second, the bristles as such disappears — hair becomes softer and the skin looks quite different, even where the hairs are still there. There are “bald spots”.

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Do not worry, this leg.



The hairs are there, but pay attention to the quality of the hair and skin. I’m more prone to irritation and ingrown hairs, so these problems are solved completely.

About hands, sorry no photos to. Now smooth. Please note, filming in the cold, goosebumps on the arm, but no hairs.

And a closer view:

Do they grow arms? Yes, but very slowly and is quite thin. If they were so initially, I would not touch it.

Just want to note, on all areas of hair respond differently. Don’t know why. I have no idea. My armpits are the worst yet. It is best to go the leg and hands. Although in the hands of the hair was much thinner and lighter, and lower leg are seasoned.

About the long term effects of talk is too early. I will write later how it will be in the dynamics, and what I am going to get the effect.

The math here is simple. The cost of the product without discounts 19000. The cost of salon treatments on the whole body of about 5000. Well te it’s actually 4 procedures. The course includes 7 treatments, with a minimum of 5. T e under the condition that it will be effective, advantageous attachment. It is worth noting also that over time, the hair a little restored. On my personal experience. Usually the master is linked with hormonal background. So it requires even more procedures. So the idea is very interesting.

At this stage, 5 weeks later, I love it. Long-term result I will write. If I missed something, ask.

Rating: 5 at this stage

Price: 19000 ₽

Period of use: 5 weeks

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