Homemade sunscreens are not effective enough

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American researchers studied the recipes homemade sunscreens that users have shared on the social network Pinterest. Their verdict: most of these drugs provide insufficient protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Social media is an endless source for all sorts of ideas and recipes for self-production, which is enabled and increasingly popular arena of home-made cosmetics. However, the products presented on these platforms is not always as useful as you might think, according to a new study published in the journal Health Communication and held in the centre for the study of injury of the United States at the National children’s hospital and the University College of Brooks in Northern Florida.

The authors of the study focused on the home recipes of sunscreens found on the social network Pinterest, and found that 95% of the 189 posts of images that have recipes for natural sunscreens, emphasize their effectiveness, while 68% of them provide insufficient protection against ultraviolet radiation.

The experts involved in this study warn of existing dangerous situation, such as recipes homemade tools are often presented as safer alternatives to the sun protection creams of famous brands. Even more disturbing that these images are widely distributed: the average number of shared post with the recipe was 808 people. And one of the images was fixed more than 21 700 times.

Homemade sunscreens are dangerous because they are unregulated and not tested for the effectiveness of commercial sunscreens. When you are doing makeup yourself, you don’t know whether it is safe or effective, “said study co-author Lara McKenzie, PhD, principal investigator of the research Center of injury. The researcher also notes that the best sunscreen is one that can be applied regularly without the risk of irritation on the skin.

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