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Firm Hourglass a long time start to flash in youtube, but to me she always seemed very distant and inaccessible. First, geographically, and, secondly, she has such a beautiful, expensive packaging, that neither one goat one purse will not approach. But I still took courage and decided to drive.

Seeing this palette for the face, I realized that this is a great opportunity to try several types of powdery products, which is famous for brand is Hourglass. The palette is called Ambient® Lighting Edit — Unlocked. No longer a novelty, but there are still available.

Unlocked the palette contains warm and shining products. Though I do not have a love for shiny textures, I still fell in love. It is possible that this is due to my new desire to Shine in full, if suddenly the case comes to makeup ???? Again to Shine the extent of his modesty, because I know that for many my Shine is so-so minimalista.

Take a look at the Swatch:

Applied with your finger very hard, but these products are so thin that when applied on face can cause much more modest.

To remove powdery means in action for me is very hard, and impossible to capture texture and radiance only in the dim light. The makeup below, I used all products from the palette, blush in addition to Mood Flush. Applied translucent powder on Foundation, just added a bit of concealer.

On posledenee pozagorat freckled face very well formed. In General, my skin is cold tone. These powder gave the face more of a summer shade and mood.

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Next, I try to catch in the camera lens highlighter:

It’s pretty intense and very brilliant — option either for the summer or for the new year. Before applying it on the face very hard I shake the brush to a greater number marcelok ulatuses. Due to this manipulation gives a very thin layer, so I repeat steps and apply a second coat.

The following pictures like the blush Nude of Flow happened to catch. Of course, there’s more layering (in life looks a little brighter), but I mostly painted and photographed when it’s really going somewhere, so my watercolor method of application is not very good for photography, but without exaggeration.

I tried all the makeup muted flash to illuminate.

Separately would like to note powder.

In this product I fell so much that in the future I plan to buy a bigger version of the right shade.

To photograph a powder — the more the test. Best of all, it “caught” in the area under the eyes. Visible shining particles, but they are very small and visible only in the sun, while the other lighting powder looks just fine.

With flash:

And there’s no visibility of pripadnosti, the particles do not settle on the hairs of the face. And even those problem areas like the nose and all your favorite antennae are not emphasized.

And I didn’t want to show in your macro wrinkles, whiskers and irregularities, but as proof that the powder doesn’t get everywhere and there is snow on the surface still show as it is.

Another time I decided the powder is applied without the use of Foundation and concealer.

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Skin without all:

A bit of warmth and the effect of blur immediately added two powder samples:

On the Central part I paint light, and the perimeter and sides of the nose apply darker.

And of course, more than just changing the way blush:

Tired mother of an infant immediately turns into a cheerful girl:

And if you add another eye and eyebrows, and does a decent person turns out (with honest blue eyes under ????).

I think this transformation through the palette very decent. All the powder in it is very high quality and go is incredibly thin and beautiful.

Well, the category of my weird comparisons are far from comparing products:

  • Highlighter:

  • Blush Mood Flush:

  • Bronzer:

The company Hourglass was founded in 2004 in America, the products do not contain parabens or sulfates and are never tested on animals. With this palette, I realized that it was firm, to the products which I wanted to look at and continue to monitor similar bead palettes.

Price: 69£

Term of use: one month

Rating: 5

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