Hourglass Scattered light Glitter eyeshadow in shades of Aura and Smoke

About the glitter, which turned the head around the beauty community.

All kinds of sparkle and glitter are now one of the most trendy products. Let’s find out what kind of a beast, glitter from Hourglass, and why I follow bloggers I wanted to buy the entire line.

In the line 5 noble natural shades, I have two: pink Aura and topovye Smoke. Packaging — nice heavy glass šajbočka. The shadows have a plastic cover that presses them every time you close the lid conveniently. Packaging 3.5 g, made, suddenly, in Korea.

Aura top, bottom Smoke

Even in the Bank — the shade is beautiful. I must say that this is not a cream shadow, as one might expect. It feels oily, but still dry, somewhat similar to L’oreal Infaillible. Nevertheless, they are perfectly typed and the finger, and flat fluffy brush, though they are least expected. Can be applied thinly and use as a topper, can be applied tightly with your finger and they will be fine to play without the substrate. This product is a perfect addition to any matte makeup, you can also apply them solo for the effect of wet age.

What else — despite the fact that it’s not a cream shadow in the conventional sense — the sequins do not fall off! Neither during application nor in the toe.

We stayed on my oily eyelids eye shadow stay only on the basis of the Mac Prep and Prime 24-Hour, but even at her most buttery of the formula (foiled type) can slide. The glitter from the Hourglass do not.


Very classic for me is the color. The most neutral bronze taup. Has a high color density. Grabbed it first, because these shades always my go — gone)


OOO hold me seven! Wasn’t planning on taking the colour almost all the pictures online it looks cool bright pink and I’m one of those people that when the phrase “pink glitter” experiencing retching. And here we are) In the eyes it is very natural, and his own color is less dense than Smoke, but I have a feeling that it is more radiant.

On the left, Auraon the right Smoke:

In natural Sveti electric light — incredible multicolor overflow!With a flash, managed to catch the “wet Blik”

And in the eyes. I think all the beauty pass and did not work. Painfully versatile these shadows. And how luxuriously they shimmer in the artificial light!

Smoke. Applied in the crease matte neutral brown for the company.

In natural osvesheniem natural light.

Aura. In the crease he’s accompanied frosted pink.

In estestvennoe lighting.In natural osvesheniya was to catch a flare, illuminating a flashlight. Alas, not so impressive, as in life.

A very versatile shade! In different lighting reveals different. Sequins in them mixed with the shimmer in different shades, the electric light is just a feast for forty, in natural — elegant expensive wet overflow the eyelids. Good for daytime makeup and for a night out.

Rating: 10/10

Price: 26 pounds

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