Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder


Loose powder Hourglass wishlist of many women and I was no exception, gave it to myself for the new year.

I ask you to look at.

Now, Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder, 10,5 gr.

Minimize the manifestation of pores and fine lines and give skin a smooth finish with translucent setting powder Hourglass. Created from magmatogenic, reflective particles, absolutely weightless formula glides on effortlessly, instantly erasing unpleasant “deficiencies” of the skin. Translucent formula is suitable for all skin types and shades, giving an invisible, natural look — she’s perfect for applying under the eyes, concealing wrinkles.

Begin traditionally, packaging.

Is powder in a round plastic jar, cap screw.

The design is cute, a jar is nice to hold in hands.

The Bank itself is put in a cardboard box, which contains all of the information — ingredients, shelf life, hramivka, the place of production, and also enclosed manual.

Already become a landmark of beautiful unusual gold sifter, which is initially covered by a sticker.

Further the powder spill guard protects the rubber? a round limiter, located in the lid.

✓Just want to outline my thoughts on the subject — the inner surface of the cover has the ability to collect a variety of dust, lint, cleaned somehow with difficulty. The powder sticks there, too.

Gold sifter is very beautiful, but after the first use it is salted, and when you open the jar again, looks like the whole thing is not so nice — gets all the time every time to wipe it, but maybe it’s just my problem.

The very smallest dust and tiny scratches, almost dust, volatile. It’s not transparent and not white, and has a shade of ivory that the skin is not visible.

To get dust, you need a jar to shake. Getting enough sleep it is not difficult, and in small portions.

✓Here for me personally, another negative — I don’t have the puffs. Not that I like to apply powder with a powder puff to the face, but it would be much easier to flip on her bottle, as dust volatile.

The composition is quite interesting mica, synthetic sapphires, silica, diamond, and maybe thanks to him, the Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder applied to the face completely invisible weightless layer, the skin looks naturally.

For more than a month of use, I applied it in different ways, on the bare skin, including on different tones. Any cosmetics, any care powder does not conflict.

It is really not additionally dries the skin, say, as the owner of a dry skin. Also, it is well suited for thin delicate skin under the eyes, does not fall there in the wrinkles, not crumpled, does not weigh down the skin, at the same time, if necessary, fix concealer.

The powder is not matte and slightly reflective, with a slight satin effect, so oily skin most likely will not work.

Who would not say that, but it has tiny shimmer or glitter, which I personally on my skin I see on closer examination.

About blur and then masking wrinkles — I don’t have any effect, at least what to expect when I read all these rave reviews.

Yes, she does give a light smoothing of the texture but exactly the same effect I see from your Dior powder, or from meteorites.

If you have large pores or pronounced texture of the skin, if it has some imperfections, powder is not going to do anything.

I photographed the phone, as the camera generally no difference sees. No there is no filter, the lighting fluorescent.

It looks like my bare skin with care

And so with the powder, applied on bare skin

As you can see, my pores are not so strongly expressed, but no miracle happened. Fine lines and wrinkles too all over the place, slightly leveled off the terrain in General and a little color. And it’s all on the bare skin, on Foundation I personally do not see anything.

And if you look closely, you will see the minutest spangle.

The photo on the camera

In summary. In my opinion, powder is suitable normal or prone to dryness/dry skin. On young flawless skin she’ll be perfect, but and age suitable too, since without drying, does not emphasize unnecessary, weightless and not visible. Wonderful for the eye area. Easily allows itself to layering.

Minuses too are, in my subjective opinion — the packaging is beautiful, but uncomfortable. Puff would be nice. In my case, if not to take into account the area under the eyes (though for my age the thin skin this is a godsend) powder is almost useless since I wear Foundation. And I want a more active glow, the type of the meteorites. Here the glow too, but much more delicate.

As a fixing, she’s also not particularly relevant, since my skin is dry, my makeup stays on well without it.

About purchase I am not sorry, it’s nice to have such a thing, but if I could read your opinion earlier 🤔, you would not have bought it) Well, as they say, do not try to itself, will not understand.

Volume: 10.5 gram

Price: 35 £

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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