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Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals Gamma Hydroxy skin resurfacing cream was not a random guest on my shelf. This was a considered purchase, dictated by envy. After all, have long been using night creams with acids and younger in the dream, and I’m getting old!

Then just need to explain why I used such funds avoided. The reason is simple — I have normal, sometimes prone to dryness very thin skin with slight rosacea on the cheeks. Sensitive I did not call, reactions to cosmetics for me are very rare. It is rather fragile: point the finger — just be a large bruise, even on the face. So any aggressive or abrasive means to care for, I avoid.

That is why to experience regular acid care I chose a familiar, trusted and loved by Australian cosmeceuticals. To this acid in my care were found only in masks and disks for the face.

Cream Skin doctors arrived to me safely Packed in foil and cardboard box, inside which was a special clip holding the Bank in place. Jar frosted glass bottle with a plastic lid in their appearance are not impressed, but pleased — strict, simple, functional. Spatula in my box was not.

The cream is a nice consistency, thick, white. All except light cosmetic flavor, reminiscent of sour cream. It tastes a bit sour (I was curious, Yes).

Retrieves the tool from the jar easily distributed over the skin without problems, is absorbed in about five minutes.

After you have absorbed any excess Shine or stickiness does not.

The manufacturer recommends for best results use the cream twice a day. I originally took Gamma Hydroxy for the role of night care to sleep and rejuvenate. But given the texture and lack of stickiness, for daytime use cream will also work, makeup for nemocn not rolled, as it is absorbed quickly and completely.

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Honestly after testing a cream on the inner bend of the elbow, I put a thin layer on the face and went to sleep, expecting miracles. The skin is slightly pinched only in the first minute. In the morning, the face pleased me with its fresh and quite red. No discomfort was not. Instant results, of course, was not the same.

But the further our friendship with cream did not work. On the third morning I woke up with a slight redness in the area of nasolabial folds and forehead. Mentally prepared for such effects, yet my skin is thin and delicate, I decided to use Gamma Hydroxy every other day. But it was not there. Apparently, the impact accumulative impact, so as with a day, and after two, even a very thin layer in combination with a night moisturizing mask and use a cream he gave me redness and peeling.

On the one hand, the effect was clear, acid acted. On the other, the skin was uncomfortable, especially in the winter. I put the cream on for two weeks, but after them, nothing has changed. Even a thin layer twice a week led to peeling. And it was not an allergic reaction, because neither the hands nor the crook of the elbow, no redness appeared.

After almost two months, hydrating, nourishing and penetrating my skin with masks, I spent almost half a tin of cream and decided that I had enough. Still Gamma Hydroxy was too strong for my thin, not used to the acids of the skin.

I tried to use it for hands, too, only at night. And here he is revealed in all its glory. The skin on his hands began to look better two weeks later, I noticed that small dark speck on the brush has become less noticeable. Of course, the rest of the cream flew fast enough and again it is for the owner to buy it I did not — too expensive. But the result was satisfied. Your skin in the acid days though and required additional moisture, but and look was much better.

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Summarizing, we can say that the cream seemed to work very worthy. But it is not suitable for too thin or dry skin. Surely the winner of the other skin types and more advanced users acid care will be able to appreciate it fully. But for a first acquaintance with acids, that is, those who, like me, still only wants to sleep and younger, it is better to start with something softer.

Evaluation: even using half the jar on the face, I will not undertake to estimate, as the cream just did not come to me for your skin type. However, no specific instructions about the type of skin on the packaging there, so, in fact, it is possible to put a deuce. But the cream works even too effectively. Therefore, especially the effect on the hands, can be put 10/10. For myself I, of course, do not buy it.

Price: £23 for 50 ml

Testing period: here too, everything is difficult. I just tried it on my face for 2 months every day, then a day, then twice a week, gradually increasing the intervals. I think in total, it was about 20 days. On hand used 2 weeks exactly.

Well, the lineup for those interested:

I would be grateful if you wonderful resident Cosmeticly, advise me softer acidic nursing to sleep, look younger, and not envy those who have long been doing.

Tried to tame the Aussie Natasha

A good all season acids, as well as happiness and beauty!

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