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Hollywood smile – the dream of every person. And when you look at the celebrities who Shine on the activities of white teeth want also. Of course, stars in the pursuit of a smile appeal to the best dentists. But there are methods that are affordable to everyone.

For example, SPA for the gums and teeth. This procedure is a comprehensive hygiene of the mouth and it consists of several stages. During the first stage, the dentist performs a professional dental cleaning removes plaque from cigarettes, tea, coffee and red wine. After the technician removes Tartar and polishes the teeth with a special paste, through which the enamel becomes smooth. The final step is the application of fluoride and other useful minerals. This procedure costs about 2 to 8 thousand rubles, depending on the condition of the teeth.

Teeth whitening will also help you to dazzle those around her luxurious smile. You can buy special preparations, the content of hydrogen peroxide reaches the limit at 15 percent. Accordingly, the bleaching process can take several weeks. But professionals use mixtures, which are mixed with 40% concentration of peroxide. Because of this, to really cover the teeth for an hour up to eight colours. The prices of similar procedures may vary from 8 to 25 thousand rubles.

If the teeth are in poor condition, they have chips, are you concerned about malocclusion, it is possible to rectify the situation with the help of porcelain veneers. When installing veneers, the teeth do not become sensitive, and have original appearance and remain transparent. This pleasure will cost is not cheap – the cost per tooth ranges from about 10 to 28 thousand rubles.

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