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I often get compliments about the condition of the skin. The person who hard on yourself, it’s very nice ????! Although, of course, I understand that the ideal I is still very far away, I will tell what means a positive effect on my skin, making it smooth and radiant. This review will focus on successful and not cosmetics with glycolic acid and vitamin C.

My skin: 29 years old, normal, prone to fat. Thick, not delicate. Wide pores, black spots on nose and chin. More problems there.

Acne, closed comedones, pigmentation is defeated solely by the care ????. In particular, acid.

In the fall I set myself the following task: to achieve a natural glow of the skin. Know this, when you look at the placement of highlighter, and they naturallygive light. For this purpose, the skin was like polished, while well hydrated.

The first ingredients of the cosmetics that should work in this direction, it is acid (my choice — glycol) and vitamin C.

Glycolic acid — powerful AHA-acids, it penetrates the skin deeper than others. Like all acids, it makes a lot of things. Including brightens the skin, making it fresh and radiant. What you need in autumn and winter!

Facial mask Glycolic pumpkin honey Andalou Naturals

Cheerful miracle in a jar! One of the main components of the mask — pumpkin puree. Composition — green and consists of 99% natural plant ingredients. Vitamin C also is present here.

Consistency — puree. Aroma — awesomeness! Juicy, bright. Regardless of the deposited amount, the mask works perfectly. That is, the flow in the end turns out very economical. Apply mask with a brush. After 10 minutes, the texture dries up on the face, but my skin does not contract.

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Pumpkin mask bake much even my thick skin is used to acids. Although I quietly endure it and keep a mask for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it difficult, better to use a sponge. After a cool water skin calm, that is important — not red.

Immediately after use pronounced effect can not see. THAT is not the mask of the day. But I just love those mask that I put on in the evening, and the result you see in the morning. This pumpkin mask from this series! The pores become more narrow, clean. Skin is fresh, smooth.

I noticed a prolonged effect. 2-3 one-time use in a week, the texture and skin tone improve.

800 RUB₽цена9/10оценка3 of the month, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Normal skin, without any problems

Facial toner The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

With The Ordinary I love, nothing. This tonic, rather, about “nothing.” Despite the high percentage of glycolic acid, pH balanced, tonic does almost nothing on my skin.

The tools are rather dense, viscous texture. Smells sour. You can use it without a cotton pad but I prefer with it. Skin peels like better. A pronounced effect was not observed, the second jar to buy not planning.

600₽цена6/10оценка1 year, 3P/nudeleisaibens

Vitamin C — antioxidant, promotes the natural production of collagen. Refreshes the skin, lightens pigmentation. This vitamin can be stable and unstable formula.

Serum with vitamin C by InstaNatural

The compositions instanatural is a sort of song. They combine natural and proven effective ingredients. This serum has a hyaluronic and ferulic acid, sea buckthorn oil, plant stem cells, vitamin C. Uuuh ????. Remedy is aimed at rejuvenation, hydration, radiance.

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The serum is bright orange, like most of the media with vitamin C. And it has a bright sour-sweet aroma. Non-irritating, does not sting, do not bite the skin.

Alas, the serum on my skin is weak. The effect is, but it should be viewed under a magnifying glass. Radiance, smoothing, alignment — I didn’t see. And it is in this part ????!

Added to the Advanced Genifique serum from Lancome. This cocktail is quickly absorbed into the skin and gave great moisture. But no more

1200 rubles₽price5/10оценка2 of the month, 1P/danapalooza

Vitamin C Suspension 30% Silicone in The Ordinary

“To walk so to walk” — thought I ordered 30% pure vitamin C in silicone!

But for me this tool still proved to be too active. Said skin an unpleasant burning sensation, increased irritability, redness, and even peeling around the nose.

The texture is smooth silicone, with a small granuloma (perhaps this is the vitamin C?). Silicone can be felt under your fingers. The tool is perceived more as a makeup base than care. By the way creams slipping into a dense weave, so it is not necessary to use a suspension in the morning.

After a week of use the skin changes. Fills the overall tone, it becomes clearer, closer. But in addition, dramatically increases its sensitivity and redness appear. Means with the same percentage of vitamin C I will not buy it.

500 RUB₽price5/10оценка1 year, 3P/nudeleisaibens

And briefly about the results:

I am very happy! Unfortunately, all of these funds had no effect on the black dots. But in the long run and in the pores… Alas, little of that cosmetics could have such an effect on the pores.

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But the tasks I was set were solved! Skin is clearer! Smoother. Then came the same glow.

Different half faces. Pictures in cloudy and Sunny days 🙂

What tools can you recommend? Of blackheads, pores? Can be any procedure? I appreciate your comments!

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