How to activate hair growth

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In today’s world, many girls face the problem of malnourished and weak hair. Therefore, women are in constant search of the hair growth activator. So the effect was even better, you can combine treatments with vitamins.

Hair may grow slowly due to poor genetics. The rate of increase of the length of the curls is transmitted to us by inheritance, plays an important role and racial identity.

Constant lack of sleep. During sleep the human body is melatonin. And if this hormone is lacking, the hair becomes sparse, dull, and their growth is greatly reduced.

Seborrhea, alopecia and other hair problems also slow the growth of tresses.

For many residents of Russia is a serious problem – the lack of vitamins and important minerals and macronutrients. On the vegetation of the hair is greatly affected by the shortage of chromium, iodine, silicon and zinc.

Taking antibiotics destroys intestinal flora. Consequently, the protective system of the person begins to suffer, and fall in blood flow toxins. After they reach the hair follicle, is a destructive process. Because of this, there is intense hair loss, what can we say about the growth of hair.

The speed of hair growth may be normal, but if your hair is split, the length of the hair will not change for the better.

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