How to choose bangs according to face shape: understand the example of stars

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Kerry Washington and Taylor swift

Recently 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez surprised fans in an unusual way. The singer’s hairdresser, Chris Appleton has published in Instagram photo of the star with a light sloppy bangs (though slip). Experts are not tired to remind that the right bangs can correct the shape of the face is not worse than contouring a La Kim Kardashian, bangs draws attention to your eyes and what is especially nice, cleverly conceals the transverse wrinkles on the forehead (what you do not have anti-aging effect!). Master Barber, “Grouse” Natasha Rakhmanova have prepared for you a short and simple guide how to find the fringe that suits you.

Rihanna (square face shape)

With a square face shape, like Rihanna, it is possible to visually smooth out the rough edges with bangs. Its length should be below the eyebrows, on the elongation from the center of the forehead to the cheeks. Central strands can be well-designed scissors to create ragged texture, slightly opening the forehead, or you can put the bangs with a hair dryer and round brush, setting the direction of the face.

Taylor swift (round face)

Owners of round face shapes suitable graphic, thick, extended bangs, which visually elongate oval and smooth the cheeks.

Reese Witherspoon (cordate shape)

To soften heart-shaped faces help elongate asymmetrical bangs to one side. It must be layered and textured to emphasize the eyes. Styling bangs so you can use different texturizing sprays.

Dakota Johnson (oval)

Good news for all who have an oval face, as the star of “Fifty shades of grey” (Fifty Shades of Grey). You can use any form of bangs! It can be as heavy video and textural, lightweight, and elongated at the sides. You can safely experiment.

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Emma stone (low forehead)

Low forehead can be corrected with long, lush and oblique bangs, like Emma stone. To put this bangs need lifting at the roots, making it more voluminous. Additionally, you can use a powder or spray for volume to the roots.

Kerry Washington (high forehead)

High forehead will help to hide thick, heavy, long bangs, gradually sloping down from the center of the forehead to the cheeks, bangs blind. This bangs need to stack on two sides, with the help of a round brush and use styling to maintain the form.

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