How to curl hair flat iron. Basic principles

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Good day! Two years ago I made a post under the same title. During this time I have acquired more knowledge about hair styling, which I want to share at this time. Do post in the format of “before/after”, to make it interesting. Happy reading!

What is important to know when you want to style it with a flat iron?

The temperature of the iron

As do now:
150-180 degrees (the thicker the cuticle of the hair, the higher temperature. For thin, wavy hair temperature from 150 degree)As did earlier:
The maximum temperature (for my irons is 190-230 degrees)

Doubts as to whether the high temperature for styling, appeared, when, after high temperatures, the curls turned limp and non-elastic. As a result, they quickly fell back, and the curl left on the ends. Are of the opinion that at extreme temperatures the moisture from the hair evaporates so much that it becomes lifeless and without a powerful styling keeps bad form.

On a “before” picture (top) hair curled on 190 degrees (that’s human), “after” (bottom) — 160 degrees. For clarity, twisted on the same iron: the most common cheap Scarlett, which I bought in 2010:

Lower left — just clocked lower right — dismantled cheat

Sliding velocity iron

As do now:
Slowly!As we did before:
Quickly enough, because it worked at high temperatures, and do not want to burn hair

Perhaps the most important point. As soon as he began to glide the iron slowly, all styling started: curl began to curl from where did the first re-spin iron, and not just at the ends (for long hair is especially important).

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The most important link: “tempeature/slide speed”. Lower the temperature allowed to slowly slide the iron; curl has become uniform throughout the length of the long hair.

Cranking the iron (if you want to do a normal curl)

As do now:
Turn the iron 180 gradusov or slightly balsekar did before:
The crank 360 degrees

I see no reason to crank up the iron too much. It’s easier to work, easier the iron glides through the hair and does not get stuck. A significant difference in how the curl on the end, it turns out, I didn’t notice.

The size of the strands

As do now:
Adequate width of the lock depending on the effect you want to get. Most often it is a 1.5-2 palichakal did before:
The thinner the better

Such width is enough to warm up the strand. Besides saving time; the curls look curls, not magaroskari (unless intended otherwise).

With the new technology styling iron has become for me not only an instrument with which you can curl the ends, but also a tool that can do many different styles:

Clocked half of the hair in one technique, the other half in the other. The temperature of the iron (Rowenta) 150 degree

If you opened the pad on the other side? I’d be happy to read your chips hair styling iron. Thank you for your attention!


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