How to deal with inflammation means Mirra gel mask normalizing cream souffle matte balm-concealer

All kind time of day! Continue today the story about cosmetics Mirra. This time it will be funds from the Anti-acne.

Mirra Gel-Intensive normalizing mask

Mask against acne is to direct my type of product, always needed!

The format is also convenient, the tubes with the pipettes I love very much.

However, here there is a small questions to the dispenser is leaking a bit, but not critical. Mask itself is very liquid pale yellow indistinct hue, it smells a bit harsh herbs and acids that are there.

When apply it on the face, it slightly cools and refreshes, but if there are wounds — this might sting a little, it is necessary to take this into account.

In General, it really reduces redness from inflammation, heals and a little brightening of Avon (if they are fresh) and soothes irritated acne skin. A little relieves the pain, if the inflammation is painful — this I have rarely, but still. Useful mask, I liked its effect. It is, of course, will not prevent you have a new acne, it’s not just a matter of the mask. Rather help to deal with the existing consequences. With regular use will end quickly.

Composition: Water, plantain extract, fermented seed oil, green tea, Polysorbate 80, lactic acid and zinc ricinoleate, sodium salicylate, aristotles, vitamin E, PP and F, allantoin acetyl methionine, azelaic acid, and lactic, lemon essential oil, Myrtle, Manuka, and patchouli, RoneCare AP, CO2 concentrate, nettle, phenonip, perfume

Period of use: 3 weeks, about 20 times

Price: 549 rubles for 75 ml

Rating: 5-

Cream souffle Mirra effect matting Intensive

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The small tube of cream and is quite comfortable — not leaking, packaging good. Convenient to take along due to the small size.

The cream is not too plump, yellow-green, smells like herbs. The smell stays for another five minutes, then disappears.

Instantly after soaking it mattifies the skin, the effect is very noticeable. But alas, not long lasting — if applied on top of makeup, for some reason he is quicker than if you wear no makeup (I mean makeup). In General, I have enough frosting for about 3 hours with tone, and 4-5 without him. For the summer — well, maybe, but not a miracle.

Regular use does not change the picture — about the same effects observed the entire month.

Composition: Water, boron nitride, rice bran oil, Cyclopentasiloxane & dimethiconol crosspolymer, vitamin PP, isoamyl of cocoat (ether isoamyl alcohol from sugar beet and fatty acids from coconut oil), multi-functional humidifier pentalingual, emulgel, glyceryl stearate citrate, kaolin, salicylic acid ester, the invert emulsion of sodium polyacrylate in Dimethicone, inulin, D-panthenol, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer the CO2-concentrates calendula and burdock, pasta coniferous, chlorophylla-carotene, dry soy extract (standardized for isoflavones), vitamin E, essential oil, Manuka oil, Rona Care AP, dihydroquercetin, citric acid, perfume composition, phenonip.

Period of use: 2 weeks, every morning

Price: 390 roubles for 50 ml

Rating: 4+

The balm-concealer Mirra Intensive local

This local squad impressed me more than the rest of the funds.

Very small tube, but the format, in my opinion, just fine — no need to go anywhere with your hands, just squeeze out of the spout on the pimple and all. Insanely comfortable.

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Smell the herbs and a little harsh, but I’m not critical.

Light green gel-like concealer first, you need to apply on the pimple. Then after 10 minutes it dries up and darkens slightly. Anywhere Taco beauty will not work, of course, so I practiced before going to sleep, about 30 minutes to make sure the pillow is not to smear.

If you apply on a pimple that has just burst, can sting!

Action I really liked this concealer is slightly accelerates the maturation of the zit, if at night to smear only just emerging zit, he has definitely matured, and therefore the faster it will pass. Plus corrector reduces redness and soothes the skin around — and then in the morning the not so obvious inflammation and redness are almost disappearing.

In General, use often and like the effect. It is certainly not a panacea and is not wow, but really good — I would have bought by far.

Composition: Water, kaolin, vitamin e, complex of Ac.Net (oleanolic acid and NDGK in the composition of the osmotic gel), esters of malic and lactic acids, multifunctional humidifier pentalingual, emulgel, D-panthenol, pasta coniferous, chlorophylla-carotene, allantoin, aristotles, vitamin E, essential oil, Manuka, orange blossom and tea tree, CO2-extracts of celandine and hops, glycolic acid, licorice root extract, dihydroquercetin, perfume, phenonip.

Period of use: 3 weeks, almost every day about 20 times (Ah, those women’s days, when inflammation of the bunch..)

Price: 525 roubles for 15 ml

Rating: 5

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