How to do natural makeup for a few minutes

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Natural makeup “without makeup” is a trend this season. The face looks very natural, like there’s not a gram of makeup, but in fact , the makeup artist can use dozens of tools.

The basic rule of similar makeup – no heavy, thick Foundation. It is best to use a light BB or CC funds – in this case, they are simply irreplaceable. Very good creams Korean manufacturers – they align the tone, illuminate the face and great hold on the skin.

If the selected skin does not highlight the skin, use a highlighter to highlight the protruding part of the face. These include the cheekbones, the dimple on her upper lip and nose. In General, BB creams work better hilitary a dry texture, but you can use cream. The main thing – to check in advance, whether the tool to slide.

Such funds must be light and very delicate.

Otherwise, in a well lit room or in bright sunlight may give the impression that your skin is too oily and overly shiny.

If you need to correct skin imperfections, hide pores, be very careful, you need to blend together.

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