How to dye my hair from brunette to blonde with minimal losses

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Probably every girl at least once in your life dreamed of becoming a bright blonde. But what about those who from year to year have dyed their hair black, and maybe by nature has dark hair.

The transition from dark color to blond – serious test for hair. Of course, such a radical transformation, it is important to do a professional hairdresser. And after visiting the beauty shop hair care at home lie on your shoulders.

First, be sure to choose the conditioner and shampoo of moisturizing and nourishing lines.

It is important to remember that within two days after dyeing it is not necessary to wash your hair. The fact that some dyes at this time, stabilize the color.

During the first weeks after the dyeing, be sure to use washable care and shampoo for colored hair. It is advisable to avail the funds without sulfates and parabens. Do not forget about thermal protection, if you use flat irons or a Hairdryer.

The second week make sure that you start to use a mask for colored hair along with locks color.

Later, use the shampoo, conditioner or conditioner for colored hair, as well as thermal protection and permanent care – serums, sprays, light oils.

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