How to enlarge breast without surgery

Statistics says that more than 50 percent of women under 30 years of age, my dream is to improve his chest. Of course, a radical change will only bring surgery.

Nevertheless, not all women are able to go for surgery – someone can’t afford the surgery because of a shortage of Finance, who is afraid to go under the surgeon’s knife.

If to speak about bezoperatsionnye methods of breast augmentation, the first thing that comes to mind is pregnancy and breastfeeding. At this time the female body actively produces progesterone and estrogen, which stimulates the mammary glands. Of the minuses – after completion of breast-feeding even the most gorgeous bust can lose the sizes and shape.

Active sex life – the best tool for those who want to increase breast volume. Regular sex produces hormones of beauty that affect the condition of the bust.

Also, slightly enlarge Breasts by using special gels and creams, gym, massage and adherence to proper nutrition.

If you decide to focus on physical activity, it is important to understand that breast just raised and a little bigger.

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