How to grow long and thick eyebrows

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Eyebrows-threads were in the distant past, and that’s fine. In fashion now natural thick eyebrows natural colors. But is it possible to regain a natural density of those who have overdone it with the plucking?

It is important to know that the natural density begins to return after about 4-5 months. Well, if you actively used the tweezers for a long time, prepare for the fact that recovery may take even one year. So in this case patience is the key to success.

First, refer to a good brovista to find the right form and good color. Thus, you can enjoy a beautiful eyebrows now.

The next task is very difficult. You need to forget about the tweezers for at least a few months, no matter how “scratched” your hands get distracted, do other things. But about this subject we need to forget if you don’t want to go with boring threads.

Try to provide food to the eyebrows – both externally and internally. Start taking Supplements and vitamins, which stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. In addition, to nurture brows need outside use folk remedies, for example, burdock or castor oil.

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