How to help the skin in the heating period

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Battery warm our houses and apartments, however dry the air. The skin, which is already have a hard time in the cold season, suffers even more.

Many women, even with the oily skin, I notice that in winter the situation changes dramatically. The skin becomes dry, sensitive, prone to flaking and inflammation.

There are two main factors that affect the condition of the skin in the winter, but many only pay attention to one of them – cold. In fact, dry air is no less a negative impact on your skin.

To avoid this, you need to humidify the air in the apartment. But even high-quality moisturizers do not always do well with this task as they are designed for a certain area of the room. And in the office about wetting the air is often out of the question at all.

So in the winter to care for the skin must be especially careful. It is important to regularly clean the skin, tone and moisturize. Many companies produce special lines of cosmetics designed for winter care. But really you will help any intense moisturizer. In winter these tools are needed even to owners of oily skin.

In order to help the skin, it is necessary to acquire thermal water. It does not cause fat, but instantly fills the skin with moisture, and the convenient bottles can be used not only at home but also at work and in any other place.

Also to prevent dehydration of the skin which affects its condition, you need to drink lots of water.

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