How to increase lips without the intervention of cosmetologists

On the Internet you can find a lot of way to make your own lip plumper at home. Some girls in pursuit of sexuality are losing their common sense and even use a vacuum cleaner. Of course, we are against such bullying are therefore prepared for you a simple and effective, and safe methods of lip augmentation.


The easiest and most popular, though short – term way to increase your lips is using a dry toothbrush. Select “accessory” with soft bristle and gently RUB the lips. For this procedure it is best to buy a separate brush. So the effect lasted after the massage you can make a small procedure: take oil of peppermint, place it on a napkin and hold on the lips for a few minutes. By the way, the massage will be even better if you do the procedure regularly. For greater effect, plump the lips, use an ice cube. Thanks to the cold blood starts to circulate faster. Follow the procedure before going to sleep daily and you will see the effect after a couple of weeks.

Not nearly as good effect is given scrubs for the lips. These tools remove dead skin, moisturize your lips and prolong youth. Lipsticks and glosses hold better and not roll off. An added bonus is the increase in volume due to the rush of blood to the lips. Can be used as purchase tools and do the scrubs yourself. Massage your lips in different directions using the tool for several minutes. Let the scrub soak into the skin for five minutes, then rinse with warm water. Later, apply to the lips lip balm to additionally moisturize them. The effect was already evident after two weeks.

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