How to keep white teeth?

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White teeth is a sign of successful, beautiful and healthy people. To achieve the perfect colour of teeth is difficult and to maintain it is even harder.

There are many habits that negatively affect the color of teeth. Refusal of them will allow you to maintain a healthy white color of their teeth. One of these habits is Smoking. In General, this is one of the most harmful habits for the teeth. During Smoking, the enamel deposited toxic resin, making it more friable. Additionally, tobacco smoke kills the microflora in the mouth causing the teeth to produce more plaque.

Another harmful habit is the frequent consumption of red wine. It contains pigments that penetrate directly to the enamel. The same applies to strong tea and coffee. Such same effect as soda, because in addition to the dyes it contains a lot of sugar which mouth actively reproduce bacteria, and carbon dioxide only enhances all of the above.

There is another, less common, but more dangerous habit – using teeth inappropriately. There are special people who open beer with your teeth is badly damaged enamel and over time teeth begin to break down.

It is also worth to pay attention to oral hygiene, healthy gums and teeth. Even the most beautiful teeth easily spoil if not take care of them.

By the way, after professional or at-home bleaching at least a week should generally avoid foods and drinks that can lead to color change of the enamel.

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