How to make beautiful makeup in five minutes

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There are times when you need to gather as quickly as possible. We have prepared for you a little instruction on applying makeup for several minutes.

If you will have the choice of how to spend time in the first place, definitely choose the application of makeup. So the process went faster, apply it directly with your fingers, the main thing – carefully blend the borders so that the skin was not “striped”. Then apply under the eyes and on the wings of the nose concealer – you will see that the person immediately “freshen up”. And to give the skin a healthy glow and beautiful glow, use highlighter – add a little money over the apples of the cheeks, in the hollow above the upper lip and can cause it to dimple on my chin.

One more minute should be given to your eyebrows. Properly designed eyebrows give the face a well-groomed appearance, make the person noble and perfectly accentuate the beauty of the eyes. By the way, a bit of highlighter to apply under your eyebrows to freshen the look.

Of course, the makeover would not be complete without her painted lips. This takes just one minute. Without false modesty, choose a bright color, such as berries. To save time and not waste it on drawing a clear path, use a gloss or balm with a hint. Another positive feature of such tools – they can be apply almost on the go and a bit to go beyond the border. By the way, the effect of “zatselovali” lips are in trend now. But if you make your choice in favor of matte lipsticks, apply the center of the lips, and then spread it with the tip of your index finger.

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