How to make gorgeous cheekbones without surgery

Many women dream of a clear expressive cheekbones like Angelina Jolie. Women go to various tricks: someone adjusts the face with makeup, and someone decided on plastic. And we offer you a special exercise from the gymnastics complex for the face.

Of course, change the facial structure difficult. If you dream of a contoured cheekbones, you need to lose weight. And, by the way, the cheeks lose weight last.

But it is important to observe the “Golden mean”: the sunken cheeks do not always look healthy. To the shape of the face was in good shape as long as possible, it is necessary that the muscles of the face was in good shape – this affects the relief of the face and skin turgor. To youth lasted, do exercises for the face.

It is important to understand that the zygomatic bone. Special exercises are there for them, but you can work the muscles in the cheeks.

Slightly open your mouth and try to wrap lips inward, the teeth should be as closed. With this, you should feel the tension in the cheeks. Being in this position, make a circular motion with hands near the face without touching it. Repeat 30 times. It is necessary to visualize – feel, as a person filled with energy, and the skin becomes smooth and youthful.

By repeating the exercise daily, you will be able to noticeably affect the tone of the face and oval face. After a couple of weeks you will notice that your cheekbones are more expressive and vivid.

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