How to protect skin and hair from chlorine in pool

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Although now there are a lot more skin-friendly and, by the way, the whole organism, methods of disinfection of water, most pools still prefer bleach.

First of all, bleach dangerous for the skin, as well as its dry. So if you regularly visit the pool, your main task is to provide the skin constant care. It is not only daily care but also a proper diet: it is important that your diet has sufficient proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins-mainly a, E And D. It is necessary that the natural protection of the skin.

Before going to the pool take a shower and wash off all cosmetics. In contact with chlorine they can react, and the resulting substance just will not do the skin good. Hair is better to moisten with water so they absorb less chlorine and to protect the rubber cap. If you love to dive, be sure to use the points to chlorine from getting into your eyes. It can cause irritation and from the pool you will leave with red eyes.

After swimming rinse with yourself, chlorinated water, it is advisable to use mild shower gel or soap. After shower, apply body moisturizer, which is used usually. For hair and face can make a moisturizing mask.

If you are bothered by a feeling of tightness of the skin, use more active means. For example, will help the cream with D-panthenol, as well as remedies based on natural oils, Shea, coconut, avocado, olive, almonds.

In case of severe irritation consult a doctor. You should also think about changing the pool – probably use too much chlorine or the water has other substances that do not suit you.

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