How to quickly get rid of swelling in the face

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Swelling can ruin the life of any woman – often they appear suddenly. Therefore, to fight with them better prepare in advance.

Swollen eyes, cheeks or even all over the face – this problem is familiar to every girl. Even those who try to avoid excess salt, fluids and do not drink alcohol, the risk to deal with them. The reason for the swelling could be stress, lack of sleep, the menstrual cycle or other small hormonal failure.

In such a case is to have a decongestant gels, creams or patches. If creams and gels often have a cumulative effect, and use them the tendency to edema, it is necessary, then patch it as just a variant of “ambulance”. To reinforce the action, RUB the tool with light tapping movements, then you activate the blood circulation and the swelling will go much faster. It is important to find a tool that meets the need of your skin.

If prevention does not work, and the patches you are stocked up, there are other methods. However, you will have to spend at least 30 minutes. Take two containers – one type hot water (about 50 degrees), and in another – cold. Wet towels and apply them to the face turns hot, then cold. As you change the temperature of the water change. You can also use contrast showers. Both procedures should be carried out for about 20 minutes.

To cope with the swelling will help tea black in tea bags and no flavor. Brew two tea bags, allow the bags to cool a bit, and then apply them to eyes for about 15 minutes. Also suitable for herbal teas, for example chamomile, tea bags for brewing.

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