How to save damaged hair?

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Sometimes it seems that the hair is so lifeless that the only way is to cut them off. But in some cases they can be saved. We have put together some tips professionals who can help you with this problem.

It is better to completely forget about the hot air dryer, Curling iron and Ironing. All this adversely affects the health of the hair. When drying your hair, set a low or medium temperature, and if your Hairdryer this is not possible, keep it at a distance of 15-20 cm from hair, so the air is a bit cool. Be sure to use means for the heat shield.

Of course, the coloring, too, will bring your hair joy. Although now there are means for the careful coloration, but they are not absolutely harmless. And damaged hair it is better to avoid unnecessary risks.

Start to follow the diet. Recently, Japanese scientists have proved that consumption of omega-3 positively affects the health of the hair – strengthens the structure, accelerates growth, decreases hair loss. So pay special attention to oily fish, flax and olive oil.

Eat more protein. Its deficiency greatly affects the condition of the hair. Particularly important is the keratin, so pay attention to the foods that will help the synthesis. It’s poultry, pork, beef, onion, garlic, red pepper, raisins, dates, Brussels sprouts, oats, dairy products.

Use care products. Be sure after washing your hair, use a mask or balm. Pay attention to how you wash your hair. Hot water to do this just not worth it. And rinse with cool water should be your rule – it activates blood circulation.

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Protect hair from sunlight. Glare light that leaves the Sun on her hair look nice, but only if the hair is healthy. Damaged hair from exposure to sunlight suffer even more, so you need to use protection and try to hide hair while sunbathing.

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