How to use soap for hair growth

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Of course, now in stores you can see a huge amount of money on hair care. But don’t forget about traditional recipes, for example – about commercial soap.

The composition of soap included fats – they envelop when washing the hair thin film. It gives hair Shine and protects from external factors. And fatty acids such as stearic, lauric and palm, helps the formation of foam. Furthermore, commercial soap contains white clay, which neutralizes the hazardous components. Lye is the most aggressive component of the popular tools, and this can adversely affect the hair.

Soap can be used in the blockage of the sebaceous glands, and increased greasiness of hair. In addition, it helps to fight dandruff, seborrhea and too slow hair growth. If you have a scaly structure of the hair, it is also possible to use this tool.

But there are some specific contra-indications: in any case it is impossible to wash soap brittle, dry and dull hair. Recent painting, laminating and Botox, as well as allergic reactions are a contraindication.

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