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If you want to Wake up with clear, radiant skin, it is necessary to wash off without residue all makeup the night before. Experts warn that sleeping with makeup on your face can lead to dryness, acne and even wrinkles caused by reduced synthesis of collagen and elastin. SPLETNIK.RU collected advice of beauty experts: Laura Mercier, Creator of Laura Mercier Cosmetics and other renowned makeup artists and dermatologists.

Dissolve make-up with cleanser

Experts say that cleansing products for daily use should be enough to wash away the Foundation. To massage movements apply the foam or gel and leave the product for 15 seconds, not forgetting the neck, chin and ears. Then it remains only to wipe the face with a wet white cotton towel and make sure makeup is completely removed.

Let the formula do its work. Apply makeup remover and leave it. Give him a few moments, say while you are brushing your teeth and use dental floss. The tool will dissolve mascara, eyeliner and shadow, so then the makeup removed with just one movement. This also saves you from having to vigorously RUB the face — this is the main error because the friction can damage the delicate skin around the eyes, causing irritation and contributing to premature aging, says Cambridge dermatologist Ranella Hirsch.

Wipes for makeup it is better to use in extreme cases

Wet wipes can be a great initial step in removing makeup, however, completely remove make for them. Ideally it is better to use them when other cleansers on hand just yet.
Many of us make the mistake of just using cloth and going to bed, but to completely remove make using them impossible, you still need to wash. If you only use the wipes, and then apply on top a moisturizer, you can just clog pores and Wake up with pimples or acne, says makeup artist Azra Ed.

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They are designed mostly for individuals, not for the sensitive eye area. In addition, if they may be soaked with alcohol, as it irritates and dries the skin. Wipes contain preservatives that extend their shelf life, they can be unsafe for application to the skin, explains doctor of medical Sciences Rachel Nazarian.

Always be gentle with your skin

The process of removing the makeup should be delicate, then the skin will be dehydrated and it will not appear healthy.

I love oil cleansing, because it does not dry the skin. With your fingers apply a small amount of oil on the eyelids, eyebrows and lips, and then gently massage over face. This will soften the skin and will dissolve the makeup so you don’t have to RUB it hard. Then take a flat, square cotton pads — I like them more than traditional cotton balls, which can be quite hard, and pour on them a little cleansing oil. The main thing — try not to RUB back and forth. Just wipe the surface in one direction,

says Mercier.

Rasparte face

Many experts advise to steam the face before removing make. For this you need to fill up the sink with hot water and hold your face over the steam for a minute or two. The steam will open the pores and facilitate the process of cleansing of makeup and impurities. Yes, it will take extra time, but believe me, it’s worth it. You can even add a drop of essential oil of lavender for extra soothing Spa effect.

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Give extra attention to the eyes

Mascara and eyeliner are the hardest to flushing. If there is one area that is often neglected when removing makeup, it’s the edge of the eyelid where, over time, can accumulate eyeliner and mascara.
I use a cotton swab dipped in olive oil. And never push with your fingers the pieces of the carcass, if you don’t want to be without lashes, says makeup artist Nick Baros.

Cotton pads leave fibers, so it is better to use oil-based (for waterproof products) or biphasic (non-members) tool. Need to close eyes and apply to eyelids for about ten seconds pre-impregnated with liquid CDs.

Get rid of excess sebum

Once you have removed the makeup, go over the skin dry with a cotton pad to make sure that you have removed the last remnants of the product.

Make the tail and clean up the hairline

When it’s midnight, and a soft pillow beckons so, even such easy step, how a simple ponytail can seem a huge effort. But if you do not, then you probably will stop a couple of inches below the hairline when you wash your face.
Often makeup residues accumulate around the scalp, this leads to clogged pores and acne, says aesthetician Joanna Vargas.

Better to spend the two seconds to fix my hair or wear a Terry headband. To remove all the hair from the face is the key to how to completely remove the Foundation.

Avoid using baby wipes

I cringe when I see women using baby wipes to remove makeup. They do not do their work, and when I say this to women, they argue: “Children’s skin is so sensitive that it must be good for my face.” Strange logic, because the baby’s face not covered with makeup, says Mercier.

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What to do after cleansing the skin and removing makeup

After gentle removal of makeup and cleansing the skin, you can use any toner, moisturizer or serum. In the morning the skin will be cleaned just before the scratch, it will be possible to go straight to sunscreen and day serum. Experts claim that it is not necessary to wash your face in the morning if you’ve already done it the night before. However, if skin is oily and combination, then skip this ritual is not necessary (it is necessary to remove the accumulated the night before sebum).

How to choose the right tool

Before everything was simple: the makeup washed off with soap and water. But with the development of formulas of beauty products, there oils, sticks, powders, foams, balms, two-phase products. Makeup suzy Gerstein and Colleen RUNN suggest to use oil to remove waterproof products such as Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and mascara. While those who wear contact lenses, it is better to give preference to micellar water.

Owners of dry, Mature and sensitive skin balms. Like the cleansing oil, they must be applied on dry, not damp skin to “melt” the makeup.

While oil money is doing wonders with water-resistant make-up, micellar water is perfect for removing the day’s make.
It quickly does its job and does not irritate the skin and eyes. With the help of micellar water makeup artists wash the makeup backstage at fashion shows, says RUNN.

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