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Today I want to talk about the beautiful, but controversial from a Lean palette.

Packaging made of cardboard, was originally packaged in a plastic “pocket”.

Inside the only mirror and shadow brush is not provided. A normal mirror, does not distort, if you need to use it.


The total weight of shadows and 9.9 gr, each refil – 1.1. At a price of $ 27 out of $ 3 for the shade and 2.7 dollars per gram.

Smoky flavor, but the palette smells like cardboard and glue. And it smells quite bad and is still (the palette I have six months). But if specially it not to smell, the smell is almost not felt.

Just a palette of 9 shades – 3 matte and 6 shimmer.

Matte vary – in a palette of 3 honors and 3 “so-so” tone. Some of the shades accentuate the skin texture and even pores????

Shimmer is almost identical – very soft, but at the same time loose. Dial them with a dry brush problematic, they crumble, falling down and clumps up. With your finger or a damp brush, things are much better. I prefer to apply them with your finger, then shadows fall evenly and not piled. Still not the most pleasant feature – shimmer highlight the skin texture. Can’t say that’s a problem for me, because I still madly in love as they look in the eyes, but I’m sure for many it is important.

So shimmer, get a dry brushShimmer applied with your finger, warm daylight

These lumps are formed even if a finger

I always wear the shade on the base, but I can say that those it is not particularly fastidious. I have them well kept like NYX HD, and Nars. But on hot summer days shimmer on weaker base slightly pushed in the crease late in the afternoon.

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As the names of the colors, describe them in order)

Daylight Swatch with a finger on bare skin

Below Swatch is made with a warm natural light with your finger and brush.

1 – matte Burgundy-brown, dusty, pigmentation medium.

2 – pink-peach shimmer.

3 – my favorite shade in the palette all – cold pearly pink. More likely, I think, emphasizes the texture, but I still just love it???? it has even formed an impressive hole)

4 – pink-red shimmer with gold glitter. The texture is slightly more crumbly than the other two shimmer.

5 – neutral beige, matte. Great TX – easily Blendable, well tolerated on the skin. I use it in almost every makeup with this palette.

6 – dusty peachy-pink shade. Also good for TX.

7 – Matt brown with the lobes purple. Characteristics as the first shade is a medium pigmentation, dusty, and poorly layered.

8 – milky. Excellent – not a bit chalky, dusty moderately, perfectly evens century. Use it to secure the base and soften the shading.

9 – the most horrible shade of rich Burgundy, matte. Very dusty, very poorly over the brush, showered everywhere and washing leaves a light tint. To the touch it is more milovy than the other matte shades.


Used shades: 8, 5, 3 and 7.Used shades: 8, 5, 3 and 7.Used colors: 8, 6, 4, 1 and 7.Used colors: 8, 6, 4, 1 and 7.Used shades: 8, 5, 2, 3 and 7.Used shades: 8, 5, 2, 3 and 7.

I could not decide on this palette – I really like the color scheme, half matte shades, shimmer I just love. However, the faults enough – is the remaining three matte shades and still not a good fragile formula shimarov. Despite the fact that I’m dialing them with your finger and quite gently, palette still always a mess.

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In General, the palette I’m rather pleased with it. But there is an important point – I got it as a gift with purchase. Now, knowing its pluses and minuses, I think I wouldn’t buy it.

Rating: 3 though I would like to raise a point for the beauty of shimarov.

Price: $ 27.

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