Hydration and glowing skin with the whitening lotion Blanc de Perle by Guerlain

I like that many European brands, including Guerlain, focusing also on the Asian market, doing lines of their funds, based on multi-stage system Asian skin care. This lotion fits perfectly in it. Is it to moisturize and lighten skin, leaving a smooth complexion. Should be used after washing your face, already on top of it, if you want, you can apply all subsequent care (serum, lotion, cream).

What can the lotion:

• Improve skin texture

• To lighten the tone

• Get rid of age spots

• Moisturize

• Increase the radiance (my favorite effect)

I note that this “whitening” lotion is not so easy to buy, is it not in every store (in my city). Perhaps some buyers are deterred by the word “whitening”, although, of course, it just means that the lotion will try to make the skin tone smoother, and if you’re lucky, and brighter, blurring her uneven ruffle, which is so diligently and successfully generates, and then adds, age.

Again, that Blanc de Perle — complete moisturizing lotion, I hope nobody will try to “remove the remnants of makeup.” Although, on the Russian label, which is pasted on the packaging of the lotion, I decided to specify that the lotion “cleansing”. This label can be confusing, but no connection with the actual purpose of the tool it seems (which is easy to check on the official website). Unless you meant a cleansing of the skin from age spots.

In addition to whitening secret

“at P. E. A. R. L.”, as I understand it, the active ingredient of the lotion dipotassium glycyrrhizate (the main component of licorice root or licorice), which eliminates the inflammation in the skin caused by UV irradiation and has other useful properties, for example, relieves irritation and strengthens capillaries.

The lotion is a nice plastic bottle with a pearl shimmer and a convenient dispenser.

Interestingly, on the Japanese website of the brand the manufacturer recommends to take for one use (face and neck) with a cotton pad 5-6 taps, but it’s insanely hard! It’s funny that the American and Russian sites such recommendations are already there. I usually use 2-3 of depression.

Aroma, as expected from Guerlain, a deliciously-violet, quite intense, but disappears quickly.

Consistency — the water.

I enjoyed just putting on face palms pressing movements, and with the help of cotton pads.

By the way, on the skin around the eyes, I this lotion also to paint.

Moisturizes perfectly, and I was surprised that he does it not worse than the Japanese lotions, not for nothing I love Guerlain and Asia.

I have enough hydration for the whole day, the feeling of lack of hydration during the day does not arise. On top of lotion I only apply cream during the summer period the needs of my combination skin in moisture, this lotion satisfies yourself.

That’s what informs my skin detector about hydration.

(Top number is the hydration of the skin, lower fat content).

The application of palms, 2 clicks on the pump:

(After washing/After lotion)

This time increased to 3.5 % moisture. (Of course, the results are always different, but with this method of application are usually added at least 2%).

Applying a cotton pad 2 pressing on the dispenser:

Added 4% moisture.

But the recommended application (on the Japanese website of the brand) with a cotton pad with 6 taps on the dispenser showed some unusually high result, but the pillow was extremely wet, here, perhaps, and all. The result of moisture I got the same as with only a small amount at a time.

But what will happen if you just apply the lotion on dry arm, without reference to cleaning/washing. Before, immediately after, 10 minutes later:

Hydration increased by almost 18 %, while fat content decreased. After 10 minutes the indicators started to drop, but lotions I and do not require separate long-lasting moisture retention and, as a rule, they are not able to cover something fatty (milk, emulsion or cream).

I use the lotion for over a month and some skin lightening, but rather the alignment of the tones I noticed, although I would have liked a stronger and more noticeable effect. (But the obvious age spots I have not). And since this lotion is the brand — just the initial stage in the system of measures for the clarification, I can say that my expectations were justified (and feels moisturizing and surpassed them).

Have lotion the downside is if the cleansing was too intense (for example, using a brush refa clear at maximum output), then sometimes (only sometimes!) when applied, can pinch the skin, although not for long without consequences.

I feel that the bottle of lotion should last about two to three months of use (2 times a day for two or three clicks).

Made in France.

Term of use: one month

Rating: 5 –

Volume: 200ml

Price: ~ 2800 RUB

This is my first godovoe means of brand and to buying long pondered — do I need essence Rosy Whitening Essence to this lotion from the same series, but decided to wait. Although now I think that it can also be good. What can you say about her?

And I take this opportunity to ask anyone who is familiar with whitening serum Orchidee Imperiale White? Her descriptions it is very tempting (lightening of pigmentation melamineware and namelennogo origin), I wonder if.

And how do feel about Guerlain? And moisturizing lotions? And skin lightening?

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