Hydrophilic oils and balms: Nuxe, Shu Uemura, Eve Lom, Organic Kitchen

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Long passed for removing makeup in hydrophilic media: — it is quick and is not traumatic, especially for sensitive delicate skin of the eyelids, and the procedure I have is fun: apply oil on dry skin and see skin the rest of an eventful day😍 Came to the conclusion that to wash off makeup in the evening even more enjoyable than to apply it🤔 one as well?)

Will tell you about 4 tools used this year

Let’s start with the hydrophilic oils:

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Oil with rose petals

Packaging: 150 ml, standard spout, I need 2-3 clicking all over the face and eyes

Aroma: one of the reasons why I’m reducing the rating to this oil. At first he was tolerant, a month later, oil began to smell like rotten rose water (the timing is all OK)

Texture: a gel oil medium thickness

Impressions: at first I liked this micellar oil, the Nuxe brand began to rehabilitate himself in my eyes: it is washed off the makeup without leaving any streaks, including well-acted mascara and stubborn lipstick. After about a month the oil is changed the scent and began to smell, to put it mildly, not very nice. Especially for those who are not big fans of bright fragrances in cosmetics, even if you love strong fragrances, you may like the smell of rotten rose water😁 But it’s not so bad… I started to notice that the oil irritates my eyes, getting on mucous membranes. Eyes thick and pinching, despite the fact that cleansing properties has not changed, use this tool wanted less, repeat I will not, I comfort in use is too important to tolerate such unpleasant sensations.


15.5£цена4/10оценка3 of the month, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, is acne

Shu Uemura sakura POREfinist2 refreshing cleansing oil

The Japanese brand, known for its hydrophilic oils could not pass me😊

The oil is designed for oily and combination skin promises to Matt and get rid of blackheads.

Packaging 150 ml, handy dispenser: single press is enough for my whole face

Aroma: pleasant, unobtrusive, floral

Texture: liquid oil, almost like water, only oily

Experience: absolutely love this oil! It’s light, not greasy and feeling nedomytye skin, perfectly removes make-up without unnecessary friction, does not irritate the eyes and leaves skin clean and fresh. The only minus is the cost and inaccessibility of the brand in Ukraine, but plan to pamper yourself with oils of Shu in the future 😊

38$цена10/10оценка5 months 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, is acne

And a couple of balms hydrophilic

Balms make-up remover, of course, the thing on the fan, I immediately came to them, and, frankly, still prefer liquid oil, because it is easier, faster, and for my skin type, they seem to be more enjoyable. However, there are two who longed to try, and then I was filled with balms as a type of make-up remover and want to try Emma Hardie, Sunday Riley and. I see balms as part of Spa treatments, resort to using them when you have time and want a little more attention to the evening routine (read when not exhausted)

Eve Lom Cleanser

A truly luxurious facility that is touted as a cleansing ritual. Included muslin cloth, which is recommended to wet with hot water, leave on face for 5 seconds to open pores, to repeat it three times and remove excess oil with a warm cloth.

Packing: high quality plastic, the labels are not erased

Aroma: specific, natural, herbal, with the addition of essential oils

Texture: I got a jar of grains, but, judging from what I found online, this version of the rules. Much more like a homogeneous dense mass

Overall impression: this tool is not for hurrying and unhurried ritual of adoring care. I use it only in case of special Spa mood😀 Oily substance is distributed in the face immediately, you need a little massage, heat, then it turns into fatty oil, and glides on. Removes makeup well, leaves no trace only when using a muslin cloth. After rinsing, the skin is polished by mechanical impact, the pores cleared. Overall, a pleasant thing, but I’m not sure I want to repeat it shortly after the end of the jar.

the procedure

80$цена7/10оценка4 of the month, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, is acne

Organic Kitchen x Adele Hydrophilic cream and makeup remover

Collaboration budget of the Russian brand with a popular blogger Adele Don’t Touch My Face

Learn about the launch and about what some bloggers are similarities between this balm and the famous Emma Hardie expensive, I lost the rest. Unfortunately, in Ukraine to get the very first jar turned out to be impossible, so thank you Ilona Mac_Cecht for assistance in acquiring😊

Packaging: cheap plastic with awkward-fitting lid. To open it, you have to pry something edge. No complaints, the packaging matches the price

Aroma: pleasant citrus and unobtrusive

Texture: great! What I expect from Eve Lom received in the budget balm😍 Homogeneous, pliable, like solidified honey, very nice to use it

Overall impression: at first I was not impressed this balm: it is poorly washed off the ink, it seemed that he this problem is not under force. For me the necessity of dances with a tambourine even for such a small amount — just a huge minus. After some time I befriended him, became his to keep on the eyelashes and it all came together. Let’s just say, with daytime makeup without tons of mascara he’s doing fine.

Checked again a clean skin with a cotton pad and toner after cleansing, only one balm each time it was clean without a trace of makeup. For me this is a major plus, and the fact that he is worth a penny by today’s standards, makes it a favorite and the opening 2018. Also on top of it nice to do facial massage in the evening, the oil glides under your fingers without stretching the skin.

In one jar, I’ll look for a new dealer for the supply of this wonder drug from Russia😀 Not always want to pay a tidy sum for a consumable, that is why this balm would be my budget, but working and nice tool that can replace more expensive counterparts.


250₽цена9/10оценка2 of the month, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, is acne

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