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Mascara, which broke all records for the number of compliments????

If any of you are fans of colored mascara? If the line is NOT black mascara (every day perfect brown), this is what will be pulled in the first place. I’m always searching for the perfect combination of price/quality and color of carcass, and that the Belarusian novelty is definitely one of the best spontaneous finds.

2018 could mark the year of false mascara: nearly all budget and expensive units crumble, imprinted, bad paint over or put my lashes (sometimes all together???? ). For the most part this has proved to be a student.

The mascara has a medium size fluffy brush with a small depression in the center, you get comfortable, it does not stain my eyelids. The formula of mascara is enough liquid, but is recruited to the brush without excess.

Add photos naked eyelashes, but made it another day

The light green ink, this is not the usual us black carcasses “with the nuance of colour”, and direct uncompromising green???? still Have them blue, I suspect it’s still brighter than my (and brown and eggplant — ????)

So it looks like most often in the room, if it does not receive direct sunlight. I really like the combination with the color of eyes.

As you can see, the eyelashes she managed to tame some incredible volume it gave, but I like the way it is. Don’t love too greasy ink, when the ends of your lashes turn out stumps or clumps throughout the long, spider legs as the trend accurately passed ????

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Mascara is not showered, not imprinted, it separates the lashes from the root, lasts all day, I wash hydrophilic oil.

The most interesting thing: it’s been six months and she still has not lost its properties, I did not expect from such a cheap mascara bought in frustration. Ink goes to rest on the term of service, but I will repeat it clearly

If you love colored mascara, I suggest you look, perhaps I’ll try even blue, but in the summer????

For dessert, a little wild combinations????

100₴цена9/10оценка6 months, 4P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin

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