IBM: artificial intelligence creates a perfume on par with a man

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Dr. Richard Goodwin, who heads one of the research teams at IBM, said that artificial intelligence is capable of creating perfume products better than the perfumers who spent on the development of this skill from 10 years or more.

The team of Dr. Goodwin in collaboration with a global manufacturer of fragrances Symrise has created a system of artificial intelligence that can study the composition of fragrances, raw materials, historic data about the success of the perfume industry and trends prevailing in it, so the perfume can get in the apprentice experienced apprentice. According to the developers, this can save time, master perfumers to enhance the flavor, not to look for him a new combination.

The project was based on previously conducted studies, which used artificial intelligence to combine flavors and create recipes. The result was a new system developed using modern machine learning algorithms to calculate a huge database of compositions and materials that allows the artificial intelligence to recognize patterns and create new blends. This system, called Philyra, is used to develop entirely new formulations of perfumes, exploring the whole available range of perfume products to determine the free niche in the perfume market.

Philyra system can be used to create various perfumes: from household to fine fragrances, which is considered a work of art. The algorithms used in artificial intelligence, cover four main categories: complements and substitutes of raw materials, the dosage of raw material, the reaction and the level of novelty songs. Taking into account each of them Philyra from Symrise successfully developed two perfume product, which is expected to go on sale next summer. However, before releasing these fragrances on the market, the original formula was changed by the perfumer to emphasize a certain note and improve the retention time of aroma on the skin.”

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In the further plans of the founders of Philyra work not only in the perfume industry but also other industries.

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