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UV protection today increasingly gaining in popularity, but for me it just remains relevant to skin care because without quality sunscreen my skin is always “happy” to pick up another pigment spot, which with great difficulty can be known (not always)

I am a long time “sitting” at the Asian Sansannah, or rather in Japanese, but in the fall decided to try a new means, was especially important before the holiday with the heat at +31 and being in the sun almost the whole day.

This time my choice has moved in diametrically opposite from the Asia side — Canada and Israel. And everything is clear. The first country to produce high-quality cosmeceuticals, which I used to enjoy and experience the individual love of The Ordinary funds, and the other country produces high-quality professional cosmetics, which is used by my beautician, so the trust level is off the charts. But first things first.

The Ordinary UV Filters Mineral Suncare SPF 30 with Antioxidants

Sunscreen The Ordinary is presented in a soft plastic tube contains 50 ml of product, which is very standard. All the necessary information is usually indicated on the box.

The protection factor 30 is enough for summer in the city, if your town is not too close to the equator 🙂 In my case — Central Russia optimally falls under this criterion.

I put sunscreen daily even if are in the city. And this means I have a number of requirements:

— should have a light consistency (Hey, Asians)

— it’s great should go makeup

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— do not clog the pores

Since the brand The Ordinary we are not represented, and the feedback on this product is extremely small, when ordering it was the cat in the bag.


Recommendations for application of standard: apply the product on clean skin before sun exposure, then update every two hours, especially when exposed to water or intense sweating. Of course, the city is in the mode of working person in the office 5/2 update sunscreen is not possible, nor should it, as being on the street is minimized, but in weekend or holiday according to the Council neglected still not worth it.

Sunscreen has a strange, grayish tone and texture, medium density. The skin is distributed with diligence, but lies well, does not clog pores and is quickly absorbed into the skin, so you can not tighten with a subsequent application of makeup.

The tube States that this product is suitable for all skin types and any skin. I have fairly light skin, but immediately after applying sunscreen the impression that the skin is a bit smooth.

Sunscreen fits well on top of makeup, usually it’s just powder. For use in the city is a good option, although I’m used to textures easier.

Being on vacation with temperatures above 30 degrees active and constant sun, I preferred this sunscreen only if applied on top of makeup, still at sea I need a higher protection factor is 50+

However, any new spots I have not increased, so that the tool has been tested for quality. But again I unlikely to buy likely to return to the Japanese.

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GiGi Sun Care Daily Moisture SPF 50

This tool is not just sunscreen, moisturizing and protection from UV rays. It can be used both in the city and a very active sun, as it has a protection factor of 50.

Quality soft tube we find 75 ml of product, which has a pleasant aroma, characteristic of many moisturizing creams and is also not the easiest consistency.


When applied to the skin at first it seems that the tool is not able to absorb and immediately slips the analogy with ordinary sunscreen for use on the beach. But the main thing is not to apply too much of cream on the skin. At first it seems that he is brightening the skin, but then the cream shrinks and the skin tone becomes regular. Shrinkage and absorption of this means will need about 10 minutes.

When used as a base for makeup in the city claims to this sunscreen not revealed. Makeup goes nice and straight, not rolled and does not leak. Despite the fact that the long soaks, it damn oily skin does and does not increase the oiliness of the skin.

If you use this tool on active and even hyperactive sun, it still needs to be updated after swimming, contact with water, but not every time, as when applied to bare skin and is not fixed make-up, it is not washed off immediately. This is evident by the droplets of water on her face.

Sunscreen have proved to be an excellent protective functions. My face is not tanned at all, despite the fact that the body for two days the sun was just chernosem, and I’m not prone to sunburn from the word “quite”. I also smeared the cream seven year old daughter, which usually strongly burns the face, this time it is covered with a smooth tan without any redness.

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The product does not clog pores, does not cause rashes and General skin behaves very well. No spots appeared. For me, this is the tool that acts as a care, and as sunscreen in one bottle in the vacation when you are already on the beach and do not want to overload the skin with first care, and then sunscreen. This one product will be enough. Plus the consumption is minimal, which can not but rejoice. Definitely Gigi moved in with me in the holiday purse.

And you what sunscream use?

Your Nadya

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