Illuminating powder L’oreal Alliance Perfect – a dream of snow white?

I remember I told about the highlighter from Too Cool for School and complained that it’s pretty difficult to find a suitable Selco. But I wasn’t honest with you. In fact, a highlighter, a suitable hue and lightness I found, but whether this finding is the perfect and supersede all other Windows and stopping my further searches similar tools, I invite you to read the post)

Volume: 9 g.

Cost: RUB 786

Shade: 302 pearl R

I bought it without much hope for a miracle, but a miracle, albeit small, happened. Highlighter being one of the shades of just white, finally came to me. And the rest of the shades was quite a decent and suitable for casual makeup, do not think that the blue is intended only for aliens and dead princesses.

The packaging is pretty simple, plastic, gets dirty easily and rubbed, but I usually on such nuances do not pay attention, I’m important content.

The back of the packaging there is a description of color and technique Straubing. I have, by the way, hue 302 R pearl, the lightest.

Inside waiting for us 3 shades pressed in an interesting way, but rather a logical blue color, not too commonly used — less, beige, suitable as powder — bulk.

There is also a brush in another compartment of the package, but I never use it, it’s prickly.

The shades are a little chalky and generally somewhat similar to each other. Here on the left, white in the middle blue, right black.

Swatch in the same order:

In fact, this is the only highlighter that is visible on my cheekbones and in the corner of your eye.

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Used as a powder, but was too shiny, and this effect I did not like. So personally I do not recommend this product as a powder on povsednevku.


— Nice to apply, good shade;

— You have the right to snow white shades, and as many as 3;

— A bit dusty when applied, but tolerable;

— Resistance on 4, fade over time;

— In the texture there are large sequins, which I do not quote on your cheeks usually.

Usage time: more than six months

Rating: 4-


Even though I put the highlighter weak four, this is the only setor in my purse, looking dignified on pale skin, so I love it and wear almost with pleasure.

Thank you for mastered the post to the end)

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