Ilnp Black Orchid

You know, I often happens: the more like the paint, the worse the pictures get. This time the photos I’m not too happy. But to justify this current law, I can not. And here’s why.

ILNP Black Orchid is a dark purple Polish with a linear holographic projectors. One of the most popular paints brands, he has a huge number of fans, but, judging by the reviews, enough of those who don’t really get it and was even disappointed. I am rather somewhere in the middle.

Later I’ll explain why, but first go through the characteristics. Here’s to him-just no complaints there. The varnish is very obedient, easy to apply in two layers, I was comfortable to draw a semicircle near the cuticle. Despite the fact that the brush seemed a little hard, cover it does not scratch, the layers are not drawn — in General, do not cause discomfort. Lacquer dries quickly, it looks very glossy, but after some time (literally within hours) gloss becomes less pronounced, but for me it’s not a problem to cause top. By the third day the varnish is rubbed at the tips, especially the eye is not rushed, and the nail is dark, so it’s okay. Most importantly, do not split off, and then linear holografika are known for low resistance, at least on my nails. Removed normal, not smudged.

Now for the varnish and the holography, we promise some Swatch taken under lights (I have them, as you have noticed, no… actually I planned, but that day the universe was clearly opposed to photo shoots). So. Promised holography, of course… but under the bright sun. The less sun, the less of holography. Without her sun, respectively, do not, even electric light is not really something to give. Most of the time the varnish was just a dark purple from afar a bit like… maybe metallic?

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You may think I’m being overly harsh (or stupid) if you require holografia holography without the sun. But I have something to compare, and I saw — and painted — paints, which showed the holography even in normal daylight.

No, the paint itself is beautiful. Ugly I would not start at all and immediately sent him to the Annex (and the Orchid is still in place). Just here plays the role expectation and reality that is the same as… well, not really. So I am glad I bought it on black Friday with a discount, not at full price.

Full price at the moment is 800 rubles.

I appreciate the Polish — due to its excellent characteristics — 4.

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