I’m with you in space? Cosmic melals NYX lip cream in shade #07

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All fans of experimental metal and the effect is dedicated to????

Lipstick that will not leave anyone indifferent. Comforting himself with the thought that “if not now then when?”???? took and made friends with Nyx cosmic metals.And what happened read under the cut)

A creamy liquid lipstick with bomber color for a low price? This is all possible thanks to the cosmetics company NYX. Bright, bright, unusual palette than they can really brag about. And is suitable exclusively for photo shoots and theme parties or wearable to the routine of everyday life, now analyze.

Packaging: When buying was packaged in a transparent film, the usual for NYX lipsticks.Removed easily, especially when inside the kind of beauty that you want to quickly try out.???? The tube is made of transparent plastic with black inscriptions.The tip cap cute design in the form of a polyhedron. The applicator is made of soft fibers, is tapered, which allows to draw a contour large enough. The limiter allows you to dial a sufficient amount of product for the painting of the lips in one layer.

Texture and colour: In three words:creamy, soft, smooth.Well slides and overlaps the lip color. Well-Blendable/tousewives, stretched on the skin. With color everything is obvious???? It’s bright, pigmented, radiant sequins, in a word-space???? Glitter is not large, the surface felt. Emerald in the tube and on the skin appears blue-green metallic, this pop green with sequins???? obtained On the lips with no taste and smell, although I love the smell of ballpoint ink Washed off easily???? micellar water.To minus I can carry only what is imprinted on the teeth, so this is to be careful.

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Make-up: And here my imagination and flew in space???? my First question was, “WELL, KUDAAAA I go?”???? Fortunately now the time when lipstick could be not only on lips but also in other interesting places. For me the most viable options were:

  • arrows
  • lips
  • as the substrate under pigment bright makeup
  • Examples:




    Verdict: the Lipstick is definitely of excellent quality. Having such a bright, unusual color is not plesivec, well pigmented, not spread out along the contour, not peeling stresses. On the lips is okay, if not to drink, not eat, not to touch. When used on the eyes as arrows, the tip of detecting shadows green tint (if there is a crease on the eyelid as I have, that creamy texture will be imprinted) As substrate under the pigment plucky, due to its slightly sticky texture, the pigment is attached and holds no showering, no dimming. With this lipstick will definitely be a +10 to self-confidence???? For a photo shoot, party, event-definitely Yes! A variety of wearing options, here is who is on that much and to whom that the lack of imagination)) green eyebrows, why not ???? a work dress code does not provide for green lip, so drawing hands and smiling) to be honest still think it a good idea to wear it as lipstick or it looks very strange???? What do you say about this? So to say the view from the side)

    Rating:5-/5 (minus for the prints on the teeth)

    Price: 700 RUB.

    Testing period: 2 months.

    Thank you for your attention!)

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