Immersion in the era of Nicolas Flamel – KAT VON D Alchemist Holographic Palette

The one and only philosopher’s stone was created by the famous alchemist Nicholas Flamelet. Why he could not create these elegant sparkling jewels, refracting light?..

Seriously — the conquered girl Kat at first sight. Definitely talented. A very brave person to do tattoo on the face is a kind of challenge refined society. Because the cosmetics brand different shades, the high pigmentation. Like tattoos on the skin — dekorativka attracts attention. No… of Course, one can choose pastel shades of lipsticks from Kat, but they contain a dense and vibrant pigments — one movement and fffffh. Beauty!

Palette shimmers / highlighters are incredibly beautiful. The package is in the form of the sign of the Deathly Hallows an equilateral triangle with the monograms and letter “A” attracts attention. White-iridescent cardboard box. Inside of a triangle not deforming mirror and 4 shades of shimmers / highlighters. Every shade of 1.53 g. total weight of just over 6 g. edinoroga pollen.

Do not touch refile, they are very mohori each other, almost the same indistinct and whitish hue. Only the inscriptions can understand who is who. But you touch… Magic.

The grind is incredibly fine, no sparkles. Only smooth mirror iridescence. Very envious of those who do not have pores and wrinkles that military necessarily is underlined. Presovanny very, very tight. More precisely — they are just solid, dry to the touch and do not dust.

Emerald — Golden-light green

Saphyre — icy-blue-green on pink base

Amethyst — purple-blue

Opal — snow-pink

Most often, the hand stretches to use mosaic as accents on the eyes, but at the same time, we have long been accustomed to the cold pink highlighter NYX, Becca mint, lilac Kevyn Aucoin, on the face of it. So, take the palette, a pinch of courage, a little courage and go! On the cheekbones, eyelids, top lip.

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A drop of each shade on the eyelids, on the face of the Opalface — OpalAmethyst

Seen as just a large brush to mix all the shades and gently applied to the face and collarbone — a very beautiful film version)

I’m sorry, I’m not a wizard, all this look like all the shades in use and applied with a brush.

Shelf life — 12 months after opening. Amused)

Resistance on the face (on the dust) — make-up remover. It is better not to touch your face with your hands, as with any sparkling powders in the form of accents.

Rating: 5+++

Price: 2550 RUB (now in Russia!!!)

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